Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia offers programs leading to B.Sc. degrees in Environmental Science, Geology and Environmental Geoscience, and M.Sc. degrees in Geology, Environmental Science and Applied Geomatics.

Departmental News

December was a busy month for EES! We started the month with some EES representation outside of our traditional haunts when Dr. McMullin (tenor) and Dr. van Rooyen (harp) performed in the Acadia University Chorus’ concert on December 3rd.

Photo caption: Drs. McMullin and Van Rooyen after their choral concert! We clean up well…

The ESSA and Fletcher Clubs also hosted the annual potluck for the department in the Faculty Club on December 6th. The food was excellent and there was an excellent turn-out from students and faculty, it was an excellent send-off before exams for everyone.

Once exams started students hit the books very hard. ESSA hosted some study nights in Huggins, complete with hot chocolate, snacks, decorations, and the nicest touch of all, a roaring virtual fire (mostly harmless, definitely approved by health and safety)…

Photo caption: ESSA students at Study Night.




In late November EES hosted Dr. Jamie Kirkpatrick for the Geological Association of Canada’s Hutchison Medalist Speaker Tour. The W.W. Hutchison Medal is named after Dr. William W. Hutchison in recognition of his many contributions to Canadian and international geoscience. The medal is awarded to a young individual for recent exceptional advances in Canadian earth science research.

Dr. Kirkpatrick gave an absolutely fascinating talk on his research in slow earthquake motions.

Environmental Geoscience student Hayley Newell had a photographic image of a Honey Bee published in the Acadia Arts magazine Estuary. This photograph was taken as part of her project titled "MeHg and THg Concentrations of Invertebrates and Surface Soils from the Island of Hawai'i".