B.Sc. Theses in Environmental Science

1996 - Present

For thesis locations in the Maritime provinces, see map.

No. Year Name Title Supervisor(s)
E1 1996 Heath, Jeremy J. Steps toward developing a pheromone-based monitoring/control program for the Apple Leaf Midge, Dasineura mali Kieffer (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in Nova Scotia, Canada R. Smith, O. Kukal
E2 1997 Lister, Scott W. The Potential of Landsat Thematic Imagery to Recognize Environmental Change on Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
E3 1997 Potter, Karen M. Beetle Communities in Managed Softwood Forests S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E4 1998 Allen, Michael E. W. A Survey of Biological Oxygen Demand and Dissolved Oxygen in the Cornwallis River, King's County, Nova Scotia M. Brylinsky
E5 1998 Levy, Alex L. A Short Term Watershed Analysis of Fishwick Brook in Berwick, Nova Scotia, During a Drought I. Spooner
E6 1998 Nelson, Alanna M. A Survey of Fecal Coliform Levels and Related Water Quality Parameters in the Cornwallis River, Kings County, Nova Scotia M. Brylinsky
E7 1998 Richards, Ngaio L. Layperson's Environmental Impact Assessment Design Considerations and Proposition for and EIA Addressing Coastal Erosion in Kings County L. Lusby
E8 1999 Dollimont, Justin Preliminary baseline data and analysis for the creation of a monitoring plan at the Morton Centre, Heckman's Island, Nova Scotia L. Lusby
E9 1999 Levy, Heather Sustainable communities, Holistic systems: review and recommendations regarding the policies, practices and future goals for Wolfville and Windsor, Nova Scotia L. Lusby
E10 1999 MacLeod, D. Matthew A study of sediment redistribution and transport processes in a shallow hydroelectric reservoir I. Spooner
E11 1999 Marshall, Andrea A Quantitative Examination of the Structure and Species Composition of the Pine Barren Plant Assemblage in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia P. Taylor
E12 1999 Morse, Peter An examination of the hydrological, geophysical, geological and geochemical properties of aquifers at the Morton Centre for environmental study, Lunenburg, NS I Spooner
E13 1999 Wyer, Sarah A fungal air quality investigation of Huggins Science Hall and the direct effect of P. echinulatum spores on the A549 lung epithelial cell line P. Johnson Green, J. Green-Johnson
E14 2000 Cook, Shannon Brooke An assessment of in-stream restorative structures on tertiary streams in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
M. Brylinsky
E15 2000 Kindred, Kerry Environmental education: curriculum development for a first year environmental science course S. Bondrup-Nielsen
D. Piper
E16 2000 Miranda, Molly The development of a solid waste-resource management strategy for the office of accommodations and meal plans at Acadia University L. Lusby
E17 2000 Brown, Jenny An assessment of the educational needs for office and classroom recycling at Acadia University P. Arnold
D. Stiles
E18 2001 Baltzer, Kelly The Pacific decadal oscillation and its effects on the climate in northwestern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska I. Spooner
R. Raeside
E19 2001 Barker (Smith), Melanie The characterization of debris flow landslides and the development of a geographic information system environmental hazards prediction model for Cheticamp River Valley, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
E20 2001 Gibbons, Zabrina The effect of the Neodiprion abietis nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NeabNPV) on non-target invertebrates C. Lucarotti
M. Snyder
E21 2001 MacNeill, Dawn K. E. An assessment of human impacts on the impounded reach of the St. Croix River, Hants County, Nova Scotia G. Daborn
E22 2001 Moody, Robynn Rebecca Self-organization and environmental management : the potential for Parks Canada S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E23 2001 Seward, Kerri An investigation of selection cutting as a viable alternative to clear-cutting practices in Nova Scotia's spruce and fir forests S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E24 2001 Smith, Ryan The effects of globalization on the ecological integrity of protected areas : Canada's national park system as a study focus T. Herman
E25 2001 Spring, Andrew James Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from various methods of organic waste disposal P. Arnold
E26 2002 Moore, Adrienne The use of alien species invasion as an indicator of human disturbance in a terrestrial ecosystem T. Herman
E27 2002 Pesklevits, Anthony A universe more alive: the challenge and promise of a paradigm shift in science from an experimental, intellectual, and social perspective S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E28 2002 Smith, Leah A survey of fecal colloform levels and local management ability in the Cornwallis River, Nova Scotia G. Daborn
E29 2002 Snyder, Susan Winter physical and chemical conditions in the Halfway River, Hants and Kings Counties, Nova Scotia G. Daborn
E30 2003 Bond, Angela A Comprehensive water audit of Acadia University: a baseline study for 1998/1999 to 2001/2002 G. Daborn
E31 2003 Brown, Christine Sediment mobility and sand bar dynamics in the Shubenacadie River, Nova Scotia C. Stanley
E32 2003 Greene, Chris Strategic environmental assessment, a tool of sustainable development: The Morton Centre Model L. Lusby
E33 2003 Martin, Kathleen Physical evolution of Canoran Lake, Nova Scotia: Focus on lake sediment dynamics I. Spooner
P. Williams
E34 2004 Beck-Oliver, Adrian Renewable energy framework and feasibility study for the Morton Centre R. Segado
E35 2004 Belliveau, Karissa D. The sensitivity of shallow marine environments to physical and meteorological changes associated with climate change (pdf available I. Spooner
L. Lusby
E36 2004 Beveridge, Megan S. Effects of heavy metal treatment on Salix eriocephala, as determined by brightfield fluorescence and EDS microscopy, with implications for phytoremediation R. Evans
E37 2004 MacPherson, Sandi Heavy element uptake and translocation by Salix: potential as a phytoremediation agent C. Stanley
E38 2004 Patrick, Molly Forest monitoring at the Morton Centre: introduction of on-site weather station and recommendations of important indicator variables S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E39 2004 Pindham, Nina A baseline water quality survey of the Canard, Habitant and Pereau rivers of Kings County, Nova Scotia M. Brylinsky
E40 2004 Vidito, Lyndsay M. Scientists under pressure: does affiliation influence conclusions? A Chernobyl case study L. Lusby
E41 2005 Beveridge, Julia C.E. Survey of plankton composition and abundance around the Scotian Shelf as a preliminary step in the establishment of marine protected areas J. Roff
E42 2005 Machold, Clea A. Food for thought: science communication and the public understanding of science: a case study L. Lusby
E43 2005 Martin, Bryan G. A record of Holocene environmental change from the Pleasant River Fen Complex, southwest Nova Scotia I. Spooner
E44 2005 Mudge, Joseph F. The roles of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) populations within a human-dominated landscape S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E45 2005 Schaefer, Rebecca M. Gold and arsenic uptake in Eucalyptus Salmonophloia C. Stanley
E46 2006 Norton, Gail Environmental and immunological aspects of the malaria burden: the effects of climate change on Plasmodium species and intracellular fate of Plasmodium falciparum-infected Erythrocytes internalised by macrophages. R. Evans
E47 2007 Batley, Meredith The use of a university field station to develop collaborative research partnerships with local communities. L. Lusby
E48 2007 Champion, Caitlin Collaborative research in Nunavut: are we effectively integrating Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and western science L. Lusby, C. Alexander
  2007 MacDonald, Susanne Relationships between abundance and diversity of juvenile fish, and environmental quality and food resources in coastal bays of Nova Scotia. J. Roff
E49 2007 Masters, Megan A comparative analysis of the principal forest management standards in use in Canada L. Lusby
E50 2007 Rivers, Andrea Environmental services in the Brazilian Amazon: ecology, development, and the role of science in land use policy. L. Lusby
E51 2007 Samolczyk, Mary Arsenic, uranium and other key constituents in water from drilled wells: a study of local geochemistry and its effects on the residents of Grand Pre, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
E52 2007 Smith, Tyler B. A compilation and interpretation of baseline water chemistry and quality, and benthic invertebrate taxa data from the Kesagami River and comparison to a similar northern boreal river system I. Spooner
E53 2008 Almack, Kaitlin Biodiversity assessment of agricultural riparian areas of the upper Cornwallis River and tributaries S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E54 2008 Dugas, Katherine The effect of ground litter in hayfields on Carabid beetle captures. S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E55 2008 McDonald, Kieran A Holocene sedimentary record of variability in the Labrador Current. D.Piper
I. Spooner
E56 2008 Vost, Emma Nova Scotia's American marten: a study in the development and application of population survey techniques S. Bondrup-Nielsen
E57 2009 Haverstock, Sarah Quantifying the photo-oxidation of dissolved organic carbon by ultra-violet radiation in freshwater lakes: development of a whole-lake model (pdf available) N. O'Driscoll
E58 2009 Herrick, Jennifer Trends in atmospheric mercury deposition in North America (1997-2006): examining atmospheric chemistry and regulatory policy (pdf available) L. Lusby,
N. O'Driscoll
E59 2009 McIntyre, Claire Ecosystem services in the Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve: linking human well-being to nature in support of conservation (pdf available) L. Lusby
E60 2009 Nadolny, Emily Fisheries management under the sustainability paradigm: the role of science (pdf available) L. Lusby
E61 2010 Hanmore, Jillian Development of a controlled analysis method for quantifying the relative mercury photo-volatilization potential for soils (pdf available) N. O'Driscoll
E62 2010 Hebb, Emma Ternary phase extraction for environmental solid samples (pdf available) A.Tong
E63 2010 Moores, Kelly Response of the shade-tolerant species, Acer saccharum and Myosotis sylvatica, versus the shade-intolerant species, Chenopodium album, to elevated carbon dioxide (pdf available) E. Reekie
E64 2010 Saroli, Miranda Avian and mammalian geophagy in the Peruvian Amazon (pdf available) D. Shutler,
C. Stanley
E65 2011 Beveridge, Emily Resource use and freedom of the commons: why a liberal arts education in ecological literacy is fundamental to the human prospect (pdf available) L.Lusby
E66 2011 Buckland-Nicks, Amy Mercury bioaccumulation in dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) from Two Lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia (pdf available) N. O'Driscoll,
K. Hillier
E67 2011 Pick, Jennie Assessing an ecosystem services approach to agricultural land management in Greenwich, Kings County, NS: connecting human well-being and the land (pdf available) L. Lusby
E68 2011 Terry, David The effects of water level fluctuations and sediment resuspension on water quality at Tupper Lake, Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
E69 2011 Dunnington, Dewey Using paleolimnological methods to track late Holocene environmental change at Long Lake, New Brunswick - Nova Scotia border region, Canada (pdf available) I. Spooner
E70 2011 Healey, Allison The effect of short-duration rainfall on the surface water quality of Thomas Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia (pdf available)

D. Hebb,
I. Spooner

E71 2012 Morrison, Kaycee Bottom substrate and associated epibenthic biota of the FORCE Tidal Energy Test Site in Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy (pdf available) A. Redden
E72 2012 Sweet, Sarah Shade intolerance in plants and response to elevated carbon dioxide  (pdf available) E. Reekie
E73 2012 Walker, Emily The effect of fungal endophyte inoculation on physiological responses to drought in white spruce (pdf available) E. Reekie
E74 2012 Postlethwaite,
The effect of fungal endophytes on white spruce trees subject to various physiological stresses (pdf available) E. Reekie
E75 2013 Godfrey, Adam The impact of salt marsh restoration on mercury fate and biogeochemistry (pdf available) N. O'Driscoll,
T. Sizmur
E76 2013 Tymstra, Drake A paleolimnological record of anthropogenic impact on water quality in First Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
E77 2014 Loder, Amanda
Examination of metals in gastropods to determine the potential for accumulation in the Border Marsh region (pdf available) M. Mallory,
I. Spooner
E78 2014 Mahon, Lewis Examining biotransport of trace elements by colonial seabirds to the Eastern Shore Islands Wildlife Management Area (pdf available) M. Mallory,
I. Spooner
E79 2014 Misiuk,Ben A multi-proxy comparative paleolimnological study of anthropogenic impact between First and Second Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
E80 2014 Reed, Monica Passive acoustic monitoring of cetaceans at intertidal weirs in Minas Basin, Nova Scotia (pdf available) A. Redden
E81 2014 Bennett, Jillian The freshwater fish community and brown trout movement patterns in Little River, Saint John, New Brunswick (pdf available) M. Stokesbury
E82 2015 Brophy, Michael Characterization of natural organic matter and microorganisms within Fletchers Lake: a lake that discharges treated wastewater into a drinking water source (pdf available) J. Rand
E83 2015 McKee, Erin A paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic reconstruction of the terminal Archaic-Woodland Boswell Site, Kingston, Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
E84 2016 Adams, Sarah Foliar endophytic diversity of Eastern Mountain Avens, Geum peckii Pursh (Rosaceae), from degraded and pristine habitats in Digby County, Nova Scotia Canada (pdf available) A. Walker
E85 2016 Ardley, Sonya Effluent water quality and treatment options for a food processing facility (pdf available) J. Rand
E86 2016 Christensen, Thora Summer temporal changes in photoreducible mercury in the lakes of Kejimikujik National Park (pdf available) N. O'Driscoll
E87 2017 Fancy, Sarah Investigations of ex situ strategies for the conservation of Geum peckii (Eastern Mountain Avens) (pdf available) J.C. Lopez, R. Browne
E88 2017 Gillis, Erica Comparative genetic analysis of Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Michx. plants of known pedigree (chasmogamous- or cleistogamous- seeds) using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (pdf available) R. Evans
E89 2017 Sherbo, Bryanna Seals in Western Hudson Bay: assessing proportions in natural and human harvests using genetic methods (pdf available) D. Stewart, S. Petersen (U Manitoba)
E90 2018 Clarke, Rachel Influences of water and sediment chemistry on mercury bioaccumulation in freshwater invertebrates from two lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia N. O'Dricoll, K. Hillier
E91 2018 Grace Hamilton-Burge The Species at Risk Act: a closer look at the protection of species in Canada A. Cohen
E92 2018 Macdonald, Maggie Determination of Delia species as agricultural pests in commercial onion crops in Nova Scotia K. Hillier, S. Blatt
E93 2019 Byers, Philicity Identifying fungal associations of the endangered plant Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt. (Cistaceae) in Nova Scotia A Walker, R Evans,
K Hillier
E94 2019 Machat, Hannah Observing plant reactions from mimicing florivory from Mompha capella (Momphidae) larvae on populations of Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt. (Cistaceae) R Evans, A Walker,
K Hillier
E95 2019 MacIsaac, Megan Effects of granite dust treatment on herbivory and volatile emissions of lilies (Lilium spp. L.) K Hillier, N Faraone
E96 2019 Murphy, Anna Identification and characterization of matrix metalloproteinases in the epidermal mucus of Atlantic sturgeon
(Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus)
M Stokesbury
E97 2019 Stewart, Sarah Running on empty: determining the presence of feeding behaviour in anadromous alewife in Jolicure Lake, New Brunswick M Stokesbury
E98 2020 Bonga, Laura Mercury and other metals in sediment and invertebrates from the Hyla Park and surrounding wetland, Fredericton, New Brunswick M Grey, N O'Driscoll
E99 2020 Crews, Julia A paleolimnological assessment of the impacts of damming on an upland lake in Nova Scotia: focus on strontium as an indicator of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) migration M Mallory, I Spooner
E100 2020 Geizer, Haley Mercury in gull (Larus argentatus) guano samples and changes over two summer seasons on Brier Island, Nova Scotia N O'Driscoll
E101 2020 Scanlan, Riley Locating old growth forests in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, with a review of forest management and legislation A Belliveau, D Duke
E102 2020 Stegen, Samantha Abundance of large raspberry aphid (Amphorophora agantha) and virus load (Rubus yellow net virus and raspberry leaf mottle virus) in raspberry plants in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia K Hillier
E103 2021 Armstrong, Jessica An analysis of how print media portrayed drinking water advisories in Indigenous communities in Canada between 2006-2020 A Biro, A Cohen
E104 2021 Bowes, Brianna Examination of mercury and arsenic concentrations in spruce tree cores and soil samples from historical gold mine tailings sites in Nova Scotia N O'Driscoll,
L Campbell (SMU)
  2022 Schofield, Sebastian LiDAR-assisted mapping and environmental risk assessment of the Carboniferous rocks in the Cumberland sub-basin of Nova Scotia M Snyder
  2023 Rogers, Josie Mercury bioaccumulation in mussels in the Minas Basin: A comparison of soft tissues and shells as bioindicators N O'Driscoll