Programs in Geology, Environmental Geoscience and Environmental Science

On this page you can find details of all the undergraduate programs offered in the department. Small changes sometimes occur in the programs from year to year. A student may graduate either from the program that was in existence in the year in which he/she first registered as a major, or from the program that is in existence in the year he/she graduates. A full list of currently offered courses is provided on the course list.

In recent years, changes in the programs have included:

  • addition of open double major program (2000)
  • requirement of C- in "minor" in the BScH program (2000)
  • removal of MATH 1013, 1023 as required Maths courses (2003)
  • introduction of the Environmental Geoscience programs (2004)
  • removal of requirement of GEOL 4003 in the Geology major program, allowing the Geology core to be completed in 6 consecutive terms (2006)
  • merger of Mineralogy & Petrology (2033), Optical Mineralogy (2123) and Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (2303) into two courses: GEOL 2133 and GEOL 2043 (2009)
  • merger of Structural Geology, Global Tectonics and Regional Geology of North America into two courses: GEOL 3603 and GEOL 4013 (2009)
  • introduction of the choice of three of GEOL 3303, 3323, 3403 and 3503 as required petrology courses (2009)
  • addition of 3h credit for Field Methods (now GEOL 2083) (2010)
  • replacement of requirement for ENVS 3113 by a choice of policy courses (ENVS 3113, HIST 2283, ESST 2013, POLS 3213, POLS 3883) (2013)
  • replacement of PHYS 1053+1063 by PHYS 1563 or PHYS 1053 as Physics requirement in Environmental Science program

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