Theses in Progress

Master of Science (Geology) Theses

Ironstone of north Wales, United Kingdom: biogeochemical cycling of Fe and P in the Ordovician
Sarah Dunn
Supervisor: P. Pufahl

Volcanology, geochemistry, and tectonic setting of the Coldbrook Group, Caledonia Highlands, New Brunswick
Alicia Escribano Leiva
Supervisor: S. Barr
Petrology and age of metamorphic rocks in the Cheticamp Lake - Glasgow Brook area, northeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Caleb Grant
Supervisor: S. Barr

Petrology, age, and tectonic implications of the Western Highlands Shear Zone, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kyle Kucker
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. van Rooyen

Development of a geomorphometric approach to seafloor classification using high-resolution bathymetric LiDAR data
Daniel Mutton
Supervisor: I. Spooner


Application of paleolimnological tools for assessing the transfer of marine-derived nutrients to fresh water systems, Nova Scotia, Canada: Focus on Alosa pseudoharengus within the Gaspereau Lake watershed
Lauren Muzak Ruff
Supervisors: I. Spooner, M. Mallory

Paleolimnology in MacAskills Reservoir, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia
Chelsea Renaud
Supervisors: I. Spooner, M Mallory


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Theses
(Environmental Science, Environmental Geoscience and Geology)

* asterisk indicates proposal is complete

*Laura Bonga (Environmental Science)
Mercury and other metals in sediment and invertebrates from the Hyla Park and surrounding wetland, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Supervisors: Michelle Grey (UNB), N O'Driscoll

*Julia Crews (Environmental Science) 
Strontium as an indicator of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) moving from a marine environment into a freshwater system
Supervisors: M Mallory, I Spooner

*Haley Geizer (Environmental Science)
Mercury in gull (Larus argentatus) guano samples and changes over two summer seasons on Brier Island, Nova Scotia.
Supervisor: N. O'Driscoll

*Riley Scanlan (Environmental Science)
Locating old growth forests in the Annapolis Valley with an analysis of relevant provincial policies
Supervisors: Alain Belliveau, David Duke

*Samantha Stegen (Environmental Science)
Abundance of large raspberry aphid (Amphorophora agantha) and virus load (Rubus yellow net virus and raspberry leaf mottle virus) in raspberry plants in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: K Hillier

*Michael Tamosauskas (Geology)
Petrography, geochemistry, and economic minerals in three drill cores from the Faribault Brook area, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: S Barr

*Miguel Vaccaro (Geology)
Petrology and age of the Gunshot Brook Pluton, eastern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: S Barr