Theses in Progress

Master of Science (Geology) Theses

Origin and inter-relationships of silicic magmas of the Coldbrook Group and associated plutons, Caledonia terrane, southern New Brunswick, Canada
Alicia Escribano Leiva
Supervisor: S. Barr
Petrology and age of metamorphic rocks in the Cheticamp Lake - Glasgow Brook area, northeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Caleb Grant
Supervisor: S. Barr

Petrology, age, and tectonic implications of the Western Highlands Shear Zone, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kyle Kucker
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. van Rooyen

Development of a geomorphometric approach to seafloor classification using high-resolution bathymetric LiDAR data
Daniel Mutton
Supervisor: I. Spooner


Application of paleolimnological tools for assessing the transfer of marine-derived nutrients to fresh water systems, Nova Scotia, Canada: Focus on Alosa pseudoharengus within the Gaspereau Lake watershed
Lauren Muzak Ruff
Supervisors: I. Spooner, M. Mallory

Shae Nickerson
Supervisors: S. Barr

Paleolimnology in MacAskills Reservoir, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia
Chelsea Renaud
Supervisors: I. Spooner, M Mallory

Évelyne Sunatori
Supervisors: S. Barr


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Theses
(Environmental Science, Environmental Geoscience and Geology)

* asterisk indicates proposal is complete

Jessica Armstrong (Environmental Science)
Supervisor: A Biro, A Cohen

* Brianna Bowes (Environmental Science)
Collection of conifer tree cores and soil samples to examine mercury and arsenic contamination at historical Nova Scotia gold mine sites
Supervisor: N O'Driscoll, Linda Campbell (SMU)