Theses in Progress

Master of Science Theses
(Environmental Science and Geology)

Molly Bradford (Environmental Science)
Title: "The Effects of Sediment Geochemistry on Methylmercury Bioaccumulation in Invertebrates in the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy"
Supervisors: N. O'Driscoll, M. Mallory

Rachel Everest (Geology)
Metamorphic gradients in the eastern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia
Supervisors: S. Barr and D. van Rooyen (CBU)

Kyle Kucker (Geology)
Petrology, age, and tectonic implications of the Western Highlands Shear Zone, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. van Rooyen (CBU)

Shae Nickerson (Geology)
Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of mafic intrusions in the northeastern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotiads, Nova Scotia
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. Archibald (St.F.X.)

Chelsea Renaud (Environmental Science)
An assessment of the sources, pathways and sinks for Se, Cr, and Sr in MacAskill Brook watershed, Nova Scotia: application for effective water treatment and watershed management
Supervisors: I. Spooner, R. Jamieson (Dalhousie)

Évelyne Sunatori (Geology)
Pressure-temperature conditions and protoliths in the Eastern Highlands shear zone, central Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. van Rooyen (CBU)

Jessie Wilson (Environmental Science)
Transport of microplastics by aquatic organisms to land: experimental and field studies
Supervisor: M Mallory, Jennifer Provencher


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Theses
(Environmental Science, Environmental Geoscience and Geology)

*Nathan Carter (Geology)
Lithostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy of the Nicola Group volcano-sedimentary host rocks to the Copper Mountain alkaline Cu-Au porphyry deposit, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.
Supervisor: C. Stanley

*Mitch Maracle (Geology)
Automated Sinkhole Delineation using LiDAR in the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: M. Snyder

*Sebastian Schofield (Environmental Science)
LiDAR-assisted mapping of Carboniferous rocks in the Cumberland sub-basin, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: M. Snyder

*Amanda Smith (Geology)
Petrology, petrogenesis, and critical element potential of the Park Spur pluton, Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia.
Supervisor: S. Barr