MSc theses in Geology

v1926 - Present

For thesis locations in the Maritime provinces, see map.

No. Year Name Title Supervisor(s)
M1 1926 Haycock, Maurice The geology of the Parrsboro area, Nova Scotia  
M2 1932 Hancock, L.T. Diatomite (Master of Arts)  
M3 1941 Cameron, H.L. The gold deposits of Fifteen Mile Stream, Nova Scotia  
M4 1951 Grant, R.A. Land use in Pictou County, Nova Scotia (Master of Arts)  
M5 1951 Purdy, Carl A. The Pleistocene geology of the Kentville Area H. Cameron
M6 1951 Smith, G.P. Geology and structural study of the Meguma Series in the Bedford area M. Bancroft
M7 1952 Dunlop, W.B. Pleistocene and Recent deposits of the Church Point area, Nova Scotia (Master of Arts) H. Cameron
M8 1952 Swayne, Lawrence E. The Pleistocene geology of the Digby area (Master of Arts) H. Cameron
M9 1956 Loring, D.H. Geology of the White Rock-Black River area, Nova Scotia M. Bancroft, H. Cameron
M10 1958 Cote, R.P. The structure and sedimentation of the Carboniferous sediments in the Craigmore-Long Point area, Cape Breton Island  
M11 1959 Oldale, H. R. Geology of the Albert Formation in the Sussex and Elgin areas of New Brunswick, Canada  
M12 1960 Hudgins, A.D. The geology of the North Mountain in the map area, Baxters Harbour to Victoria Beach H. Cameron
M13 1960 Lewis, W. LeRoy A Study of the angular veins from the Gold River gold district, Nova Scotia R. MacNeill
M14 1965 Waring, M.H. The geology of the Windsor Group reference section, Newport Landing (Avondale), Hants County, Nova Scotia (M.A.) R. Moore
M15 1966

von Bitter, P.H.

Echinoderms as guide fossils in the correlation of the Windsor Group subzones of the Minas sub-basin (M.A.) R. Moore
M16 1968 Crowell, G.D. A study of the Upper Windsor limestones as exposed on the Meander River, Hants County, Nova Scotia R. Moore
M17 1968 Giles, P.S. The Geology of a Cretaceous gypsum deposit, San Luis Potosi, Mexico R. Moore
M18 1969 Worth, John K. Stratigraphy of the Horton Bluff Formation, Wolfville, N.S. R. Moore
M19 1970 Tang, P.S. Late Quaternary stratigraphy of Mullach Brook and adjacent areas, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 93p R. MacNeill, R. Moore
M20 1970 Wightman, J.S. Vein silica paragenesis in Triassic basalt, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, 138p. G. Stevens, J. Colwell
M21 1972 Freeman, G.W. Stratigraphy of the Cheverie Formation Minas Sub-Basin, Nova Scotia, 138p. R. Moore
M22 1973 Atkinson, S.J. Relation between fabric, jointing and flowage in Recent Icelandic lava flows, 160p. G. Stevens
M23 1973 MacDonald, D. Stratigraphy of the upper member of the Horton Bluff Formation in the area of the type section near Hantsport, Nova Scotia, 301p. R. Moore
M24 1973 McCulloch, P. Biostratigraphy of the Upper Mississippian Kennetcook Limestone in the Fundy epieugeosyncline, Maritime Provinces, 178p. R. Moore
M25 1974 Blakeney, R. The geochemistry and stratigraphy of the Herbert River Limestone Member of the Mississippian Windsor Group in Atlantic Canada, 221p. J. Colwell, R. Moore
M26 1974 Davidson, D.D. The Carrot River Ultramafic Complex, Manitoba, 154p. J. Colwell, H. Nathan
M27 1974 Durocher, A.C. Basic magmatism in Nova Scotia, 129p. J. Colwell, H. Nathan
M28 1974 Hill, J.D. The petrology of the basic intrusions of the Bathurst-Newcastle area, New Brunswick, 148p. J. Colwell, H. Nathan
M29 1974 Irrinki, R.R. The structural geology and regional metamorphism of the southeastern part of the Miramichi Zone (North), 152p G. Stevens
M30 1974 Thompson, J. Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Scots Bay Formation, Nova Scotia, 367p. J. Colwell, R. Moore
M31 1974 Thorpe, L.R. The taxonomy and paleoecology of B sub-zone productids from the Windsor Group in the western part of the Minas Sub-basin, 114p R. Moore
M32 1975 Jones, B.E. The structural geology of the Owl's Head Peninsula, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, 93p G. Stevens
M33 1976 Holleman, M. The nature, origin, and distribution of chloride in the lower B Subzone evaporites of Little Narrows, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, 153p J. Colwell, R. Moore
M34 1976 Liew, M.Y. Structure, geochemistry and stratigraphy of Triassic rocks, north shore of Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, 181p. G. Stevens
M35 1976 Smith, P.K. The structural geology of the south-eastern part of the Kentville area (21H/2E), Nova Scotia, 79p D. Keppie, G. Stevens
M36 1977 Boehner, R.C. The lower Carboniferous stratigraphy of the Musquodoboit Valley, central Nova Scotia, 200p R. Moore, J. Colwell
M37 1977 Buckley, D.W. Petrology of Ordovician ignimbrites and spilites, East Mweelrea Syncline, Ireland, 181p S. Barr, J. Colwell
M38 1977 Murphy J.B. The stratigraphy and geological history of the Fourchu Group, southeastern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia J. Colwell, S. Barr
M39 1977 Adams, K.D. Taxonomy and paleoecology of the Gigantoproductids of Nova Scotia, 247p. R. Moore
M40 1977 Chu, Peter H. Metamorphism of the Meguma Group in the Shelburne area, Nova Scotia, 106p. G. Stevens, S. Barr
M41 1977 Ryan, R.J. The paleontology and paleoecology of the Gays River Formation in Nova Scotia, 165p. R. Moore, J. Colwell
M42 1977 Stewart, E.B. A study of the lead-zinc mineralization at Jubilee, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, 290p. J. Colwell, R. Moore
M43 1979 Doyle, E.M. Geology of the Bear River area, Digby and Annapolis Counties, Nova Scotia, 216p S. Barr, G. Stevens
M44 1979 O'Beirne, A.M. Geology of the Gillis Mountain pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 168p S. Barr, J. Colwell
M45 1979 Stanley, G.A. An investigation for armour stone for use in a tidal barrier in the Bay of Fundy region, 300p G. Stevens
M46 1979 Trapasso, L. The geology of the Torbrook Syncline, Kings and Annapolis counties, Nova Scotia, 217p. G. Stevens, S. Barr
M47 1980 Hussain, M. Textural and mineralogical analysis of Chignecto Bay sediment Canada, 138p R. Moore, J. Colwell
M48 1980 Scott, Philip Geochemistry and petrography of the Salmon River lead deposit, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 130p J. Colwell, A. Macdonald
M49 1981 McCutcheon, Steven Stratigraphy and paleogeography of the Windsor Group in southern New Brunswick, 106p R. Moore
M50 1981 O'Loughlin, John Geology of the Deer Lake Ophiolite Complex, Newfoundland, 151p S. Barr, J. Colwell
M51 1982 Hall, Linda R. Geology of the LaHave River area, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, 161p G. Stevens, S. Barr
M52 1982 Setter, Jeremy R.D. Geology of the Long Island pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 173p S. Barr
M53 1982 Thomas, Wayne C. Petrology and geochemistry of the River Lake pluton, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, 133p S. Barr, J. Colwell
M54 1984 McMullin, David W.A. Geology and Geochemistry of the granitoid rocks of the Loch Lomond-Irish Cove area, Cape Breton Island, 239p. S. Barr
M55 1985 French, Victor A. Geology of the Gillanders Mountain Intrusive Complex and satellite plutons, Lake Ainslie area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 237p S. Barr
M56 1985 Hwang, Sang-Gi Geology and structure of the Yarmouth area, southwestern Nova Scotia, 237p G. Stevens
M57 1985 Sinthusan, Atipat The biostratigraphy of the Wallace Point Limestone Member and correlatives of the Windsor Group, Nova Scotia, 264p R. Moore
M58 1986 Gardiner, John J. Structural geology of the Lupin Gold Mine, Northwest Territories, 206p J. Colwell, G. Stevens
M59 1986 Hossley, James Use of salt marsh foraminifera in developing a model for the evolution of a barrier island: Plum Island, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 182p. B. Cameron
M60 1986 Wakhungu, Judi The micropaleontology of the Jurassic- Cretaceous boundary at Cape Espichel, Portugal, 174p B. Cameron
M61 1987 Hope, Tracy Geology and metamorphism in the Port Mouton-Lockeport area, Queens and Shelburne counties, Nova Scotia, 165p R. Raeside
M62 1987 Thicke, Michael The geology of Late Hadrynian metavolcanic granitoid rocks of the Coxheath Hills - northeastern East Bay Hills areas, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 300p S. Barr
M63 1987 Whitaker, Sarah Rugose corals of Windsor Group Kennetcook Limestone Member, 259p R. Moore
M64 1988 Dennis, Frank Petrology and mineralization of the Deep Cove Pluton, Gabarus Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 206p S. Barr
M65 1988 Leybourne, Matthew Volcanism and geochemistry of parts of the Endeavour segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge System and associated seamounts, 177p N. Van Wagoner
M66 1988 Sexton, Alan Geology of the Sporting Mountain area, southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 215p S. Barr
M67 1988 Snow, Randy The depositional environment of the Late Carboniferous, coal-bearing Upper Thorburn member of the Stellarton Group, Pictou Coalfield, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B. Cameron
M68 1988 Yaowanoiyothin, Winai Petrology of the Black Brook Granitic Suite and associated gneiss, northern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M69 1989 Farrow, Catharine Petrography, mineral chemistry and geochemistry of dioritic and tonalitic plutons of the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia. 320p S. Barr
M70 1989 Murphy, R. Brent Geochemistry of Siluro-Devonian mafic volcanic rocks and associated gabbroic intrusions, Upsalquitch Forks area, New Brunswick. 105p S. Barr
M71 1990 Campbell, Janet The geology of the northeastern Creignish Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. 164p R. Raeside
M72 1990 McNeil, Wayne The physical volcanology and geochemistry of the eastern portion of the volcanic belt of Passamaquoddy Bay, southwestern New Brunswick. N. Van Wagoner
M73 1991 Baldwin, Diane Physical volcanology, geochemistry, and depositional setting of Siluro-Devonian volcanic and sedimentary units near St. Andrews, New Brunswick. 231p N. Van Wagoner
M74 1991 Deal, Alan J. The stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Ragged Reef Formation in the Athol Syncline, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. 255p B.Cameron
M75 1991 Justino, Mario Geology and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks in the North Mountain area, southwestern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. 336p S.M. Barr
M76 1992 Grammatikopoulos, Anastassios Petrogenesis, age and economic potential of gabbroic plutons in the Avalon terrane in southern New Brunswick and southeastern Cape Breton Island. 378p S.M. Barr
M77 1992 Yokart, Boonsong Tin-tungsten mineralization associated with parts of the Khuntan Batholith, northern Thailand. 240p S.M. Barr
M78 1992 Wunapeera, Adoon The geology of the Cape North and Money Point groups, northern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia. 293p R. Raeside
D2 1992 Miller, Brent The Blair River Inlier, Cape Breton Island (Dalhousie University) S. Barr, R. Raeside, R. Jamieson
D3 1992 Lin, Shoufa. The Eastern Highlands Mylonite Zone. (UNB) Paul Williams,
R. Raeside
M79 1993 Bekkers, Robert Petrology and petrogenesis of anorthosite and associate rocks in the Blair River Complex, northern Cape Breton Island, N.S. S.M. Barr
M80 1993 Mutunga, Elizabeth N. Seismic stratigraphy of part of the upper continental slope off the central Scotian Shelf: Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequences B. Cameron
M81 1994 Cormier, Clair Devono-Carboniferous volcanic and gabbroic rocks in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
M82 1994 Moroz, Robert Petrology and tectonic setting of the Teahan unit and associated metal mineralization, Caledonia Highlands, southern New Brunswick S.M. Barr
M83 1996 Mahoney, Kelly The contact aureole of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
M84 1996 O'Neill, Michael Geology of the Leonard MacLeod Brook, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
M85 1996 Peskleway, Clayton Petrogenesis of cordierite in three low- pressure settings, Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia. R. Raeside
M86 1996 Webster, Timothy Remote sensing and geographic information system analysis of the St. Marys Basin and surrounding areas, central Nova Scotia S.M. Barr, J.B. Murphy
D1 1996 White, Christopher Geology, geochronology, and tectonic evolution of the Brookville terrane, southern New Brunswick. (Dalhousie University) S. Barr,
R. Jamieson
M87 1999 Hassan, Hassan S. Sedimentology and paleontology of the Lower Jurassic Scots Bay Formation, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada B.W. Cameron
M88 2000 Isenor, Fenton Applied Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Loch Lomond region, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
M89 2000 MacDonald, Lisa Geology of the volcanic rocks in the Yarmouth area, Nova Scotia. S. M. Barr
M90 2001 Ethier, Martin Re-interpretation of the Geology of the Cape Breton Highlands using combined remote sensing and geological databases S. M. Barr
M91 2001 Mireku, Lawrence Geology, geochemistry and hydrothermal alteration of the Halfmile Lake South deep zone volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposit, Bathurst, New Brunswick. C. Stanley
M92 2002 Ténière, Paul Stratigraphy, structure and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Lochaber-Mulgrave area, Nova Scotia. S. M. Barr
M93 2002 King, M. Steve The Mira-Bras d'Or terrane boundary in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: potential field and petrophysical data applied to tectonic analysis S. M. Barr
M94 2003 McLaughlin, Kirsten The Moosehorn Igneous Complex of New Brunswick and Maine: Petrology, Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting. S. M. Barr
M95 2003 Wahl, Kim A GIS based landslide hazards assessment for Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia. I. Spooner
M96 2005 Hiebert, Russel Petrogenesis of the Mechanic Settlement Pluton, Southern New Brunswick, and Controls on Associated PGE Mineralization S. M. Barr,
C. Stanley
M97 2005 Bartsch, Cameron Constraints on the Tectonic Evolution of the Southern New River Terrane, and its Relationship to other Terranes in Southern New Brunswick S. M. Barr
M98 2005 Black Robin Pre-Mesozoic Geology of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick S. M. Barr
M99 2005 Reid, Cheryl Contact and regional metamorphism around the Barrington Passage Pluton, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
M100 2005 Cook, Lori Evaluating the source of the East Point magnetic anomaly, southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, based on magnetic, gravity, and seismic data S. M. Barr,
S. Dehler (GSC-Atlantic)
D4 2006 Webster, Tim GIS-assisted interpretation of landform development, central Nova Scotia. (Dalhousie University) B. Murph (St.F.X.
I. Spooner
M101 2006 Blackmore, Amanda Groundwater vulnerability to potential contamination in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
M102 2006 Lennox, Brent Holocene environmental change recorded in Canoran Lake, Nova Scotia: a chemostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic investigation I. Spooner
M103 2006 O'Connor-Parsons, Tansy Lithogeochemistry of Igneous Stratigraphy and Hydrothermal Alteration in the Golden Mile Dolerite, Kalgoorlie Mining Camp, Western Australia. C. Stanley
M104 2007 Texidor-Carlsson, José Metallogeny of the Eastern Caledonia Highlands, southern New Brunswick

S. Barr,
C. Stanley.

M105 2008 Lyon, Sheri Source of magnetic and gravity anomalies on the Scotian shelf southeast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and onshore-offshore geological correlations using geophysical modeling. S. Barr,
S. Dehler
M106 2008 Nelson, Gabriel Chemical and physical paleoceanographic constraints on Paleoproterozoic phosphorite and iron formation accumulation, Baraga Group, Michigan, USA. P. Pufahl
M107 2008 Satkoski, Aaron Sm-Nd isotopic and whole-rock chemical compositions of late Neoproterozoic and Cambrian sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks of the Caledonian Highlands, southern New Brunswick S. Barr
M108 2008 Stiff, Doug Investigation flood risk in an ungauged watershed in a coastal environment using LiDAR and GIS Tools I. Spooner
M109 2008 Lundrigan, Andrea Glacial stratigraphy and till geochemical dispersion controls associated with the Brazil Lake pegmatite, southwestern Nova Scotia C. Stanley,
I. Spooner
M110 2009 Anderson, Stephanie The sedimentology of phosphatic iron formation from the Labrador Trough: implications for the accumulation of Precambrian phosphorite P. Pufahl
M111 2010 Edwards, Cole The paleoecology of Paleoproterozoic microbial communities in the Ferriman Group, Labrador Trough, Canada P. Pufahl
M112 2010 Escarraga, Edwin Field relationships, petrology, age, and tectonic setting of previously inferred Devonian-Carboniferous granitic plutons in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M113 2010 Moss, Tamara Petrography and lithogeochemistry of the Quebrada Blanca copper-molybdenum deposit, Region I, Chile[ C. Stanley
M114 2010 Swanton, David Field relationships, petrology, tectonic setting and economic potential of metamorphic and igneous rocks in the Whycocomagh Mountain-Aberdeen Ridge area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M115 2011 Bisrat, Biniam The use of partial digestion techniques in pedogeochemical exploration C. Stanley


Nankamba, Pizye

Metallogeny and environmental geochemistry of heavy metal mineralisation in the Horton Group, Windsor, Nova Scotia C. Stanley,
E. Kosters


Tucker, Matthew

Geology and mineral occurrences in the Faribault Brook area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr


Pilote, Jean-Luc

Petrology, petrogenesis, economic potential, and tectonic implications of the Landry Brook and Dickie Brook plutons and Charlo Plutonic Suite, northern New Brunswick S. Barr


Tesfai, Feseha

Petrology and Ti-P-V potential of the Lower Coverdale Plutonic Suite, southeastern New Brunswick, Canada S. Barr


Treat, Robert

Structure and petrology of the Partridge Island block and its role in the tectonic evolution of the Saint John area, New Brunswick S. Barr
A. Park


Archibald, Donnelly

Field relations, petrology, and tectonic setting of the Ordovician West Barneys River Plutonic Suite, southern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr,
B. Murphy


Akin, Sara

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Frere Formation, Western Australia: implications for the evolution of the Precambrian ocean P. Pufahl


Puchalski, Raya

Field relations and petrology of the Trafalgar Plutonic Suite, northeastern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M124 2012 White, Hilary Paleolimnological Records of Post-Glacial Lake and Wetland Evolution from the Isthmus of Chignecto Region, Eastern Canada I Spooner
N. O'Driscoll
M125 2012 Zsamboki, Louis Geophysical Modeling in the Cabot Strait - St. George's Bay Area between Cape Breton Island and Southwestern Newfoundland, Canada S. Barr
S. Dehler
M126 2012 Massawe, Ronald Petrology and Lithogeochemistry of Host Rocks to the Bisha and Harena Cu-Zn-Au Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits, Eritrea C. Stanley
M127 2014 Beresford, Vincent Field Relationships, Petrology, and Tectonic Setting of Neoproterozoic Plutonic Rocks in the Southern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M128 2014 Drummond, Justin Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Neoproterozoic peritidal phosphorite, Sete Lagoas Formation, Brazil: Implications for the evolution of the Precambrian phosphorus cycle P. Pufahl
M129 2015 Delisle, Renee Phosphatic peritidal limestone of the Neoproterozoic Salitre Formation, Brazil, and Precambrian economic phosphorite P. Pufahl
M130 2015 Slaman, Lisa Petrology and age of the Cheticamp Pluton and its host rocks, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M131 2016 Dunnington, Dewey A paleolimnological environmental assessment of Alta Lake, Whistler, British Columbia I. Spooner
M132 2016 MacNeil, Laura Sedimentology and paleoceanography of the Early Carboniferous Windsor Group, Nova Scotia: implications for the formation of saline giants P. Pufahl
M133 2016 Kroeninger, Krista Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic Santa Cruz iron formation, Brazil: implications for Neoproterozoic iron deposition P. Pufahl
M134 2017 Shute, Jonathan Field relations, petrology, and tectonic setting of mafic rocks in the northwestern Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada S. Barr
M135 2017 Sombini dos Santos, Gabriel Petrology, age, and regional implications of the Margaree pluton, Aspy terrane, Nova Scotia S. Barr, D. van Rooyen
M136 2017 Todd, Stephanie Sedimentology and oceanography of Early Ordovician ironstone, Bell Island, Newfoundland, and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event P. Pufahl
M137 2019 Moning, Alicia A petrological comparison of Silurian and Devonian plutons in the Leonard MacLeod Brook and Gillis Mountain areas, Aspy and Mira terranes, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
M138 2019 Squires, Alex Ordovician ironstone of the Western Asturian-Leonese zone, Spain: coastal upwelling, ocean anoxia and paleozoic biodiversity P. Pufahl
M139 2019 Kramar, Steven Building a chemostratigraphic mode l to aid base metal exploration, Hanson Lake Assemblage, Flin Flon Domain, Saskatchewan, Canada C. Stanley
M140 2020 Dunn, Sarah Middle Ordovician ironstone of North Wales, United Kingdom: sedimentologic and oceanographic evidence for a ferruginous Rheic Ocean P. Pufahl
  2021 Grant, Caleb Petrology and age of metamorphic rocks in the Cheticamp Lake - Glasgow Brook area, northeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr,
D. Archibald
  2021 Escribano, Alicia P. Petrology and age of felsic volcanic rocks of the Coldbrook Group and associated granitic plutons, Caledonia terrane, southern New Brunswick, Canada S. Barr
  2022 Nickerson, Shae Petrology and tectonic setting of mafic to intermediate plutons and dykes in the eastern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia S. Barr,
D. Archibald
  2022 Sunatori, Évelyne Extent and timing of deformation and metamorphism associated with the Eastern Highlands Shear Zone, central Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
D. VanRooyen