B.Sc. Theses in Geology & Environmental Geoscience

1929 - Present

For thesis locations in the Maritime provinces, see map.

No. Year Name   Title Supervisor(s)
H1 1929 Bancroft, Merle   Geology and ore deposits in the vicinity of Gregory River and Trout River, Newfoundland.  
H2 1937 Paul, William A.   The Wolfville area.  
H3 1958 Oldale, Harry R.   Stratigraphy, structure and oil possibilities of southeastern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia  
H4 1958 Thorpe, Ralph I.   Pleistocene geology of the Berwick area R. MacNeill
H5 1959 Lewis, William L.   The possibilities of placer gold deposits in southwestern Nova Scotia  
H6 1961 Roland, George W.   A study of two basic intrusions on the Black River, Kings County, Nova Scotia R. MacNeill,
R. Moore
H7 1964 Riley, Ray A.   A part of the Halifax Formation and associated igneous sills, Black River R. MacNeill,
R. Moore
H8 1966 Jones, B. E.   An Economic Evaluation of some Silica deposits in Nova Scotia R. MacNeill
H9 1971 Griffin, M.G.   A description, environmental interpretation and correlation of a section of the lower Windsor Group exposed in the Dark Quarry, Wentworth Quarry complex, Hants County, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H10 1971 Jodrey, John M.   Petrology of the composite MacDonald Brook stock, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia H. Nathan
H11 1974 Holleman, Mattheus   A study on the distribution of sodium chloride and the predictability of its occurrence in the evaporites near Little Narrows, Victoria, Nova Scotia. R.G. Moore,
J.A. Colwell
H12 1974 Peters, Roland J.   Petrogenesis of the Oka carbonate complex H. Nathan
H13 1974 Rankin, Leslie D.   The stratigraphy of the B subzone Wentworth Formation of the Windsor Group R.G. Moore
H14 1976 Steward, E.B.   Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the "A" subzone, Lower Windsor Group near Antigonish, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H15 1977 Clarke, B.W.   The geology of the New Canaan Formation, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H16 1977 Greenough, J. D.   The maturity, types of organic matter and generating potential of the sediments in Mobile Intrepid L-80 G. Stevens
H17 1978 White, C.A.   Petrography and geochemistry of mafic intrusions in the Bear River and Torbrook syncline areas, Nova Scotia. S. Barr
H18 1978 Finley, W.E.   Sedimentary structures revealed by seismic reflection profiles across the continental rise, slope and outer shelf southwest of Nova Scotia S. Barr
H19 1978 Areias, L.   Petrology, geochemistry and age of granite intrusions in the Viana Do Castelo area, northern Portugal S. Barr
H20 1980 Adams, G.C.   A study of the zeolites of the North Mountain basalt in the core of the GAV-77-3 J. Colwell
H21 1980 Campbell, J.W.   Structural analysis of circular and linear features in the South Mountain Batholith near West Dalhousie G. Stevens
H22 1980 Ogden, K.F.   An ice marginal lake in Annapolis Basin at the close of the late Wisconsinan R. MacNeill
H23 1981 Calder, Lynn M.  

Geology of the Mavillette intrusion, Digby County, Nova Scotia.

S. Barr
H24 1981 MacBeath, Barbara E.   Mississippian limestone mounds, Wilkie Brook Formation, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H25 1982 Allen, Patricia L.   Petrography and geochemistry of the Ellison Lake pluton, Digby County, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H26 1982 Doyle, Jeff H.   Stratigraphy, structure and correlation of the Horton-Windsor sediments on the Meander River and Bog Creek, Hants County, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H27 1982 Yip Choy, Raymond M.   Petrology of the Whycocomagh Mountain pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr,
J.A. Colwell
H28 1983 Chevalier, B.   Petrology and Geochemistry of the Bull Ridge Pluton, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H29 1983 Fox, Donald   Petrography and Geochemistry of the Mabou Volcanic suite, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. S. Barr
H30 1983 Mosher, David   Experimental erosion of mud from the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia B. Cameron
H31 1983 Pilgrim, Judith   The mode and occurrence of pyrite in the Sydney Coalfield, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H32 1983 Weagle, Michael   The geology of the Moore Point Pluton, Queen's County, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H33 1984 Gibbs, Lloyd   Stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian Gilwood Sandstone member, Watt Mountain Formation, Alberta R. Moore
H34 1984 MacBurnie, Michael W.   Metamorphism of the supracrustal rocks in the Thompson Belt, Manitoba R. Raeside
H35 1984 Oldale, S.   The Biostratigraphy of the Big Creek area, Hants County, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H36 1984 Olshefsky, Kevin   The geology of the Great Gull tungsten prospect, Newfoundland J. Colwell
H37 1984 Swinamer, R. Terry   Petrography and geochemistry of the Sugarloaf Mountain pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H38 1984 White, Christopher E.   Structure and metamorphism of the Jordan River Valley, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H39 1985 Bourque, Andrew   Migmatization and metamorphism associated with the Barrington Passage pluton, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H40 1985 Black, Michael   Physical and mechanical properties of estuarine sediments, Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy. N. Van Wagoner
H41 1985 Conley, Heather A.   Petrology and geochemistry of the Bell Lakes suite, Victoria County, Cape Breton Island, 85p R. Raeside
H42 1985 Cotie, Andrea   Petrology and geochemistry of mafic dykes, Sporting Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 64p. J. Hill,
S. Barr
H43 1985 Edgecombe, Greg   Taxonomy of orthoconic cephalopods, Windsor Group, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H44 1985 Jong, William   The subsurface lithostratigraphy of the Triassic Blomidon and Upper Wolfville formations, (Fundy Basin) of the central Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia B. Cameron
H45 1985 Ross, Donald   Structure and metamorphism of the Pubnico area, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. R. Raeside
H46 1985 Weaver, Faye   A geochemical analysis of oil samples from the east Newfoundland Basin, offshore Newfoundland J. Colwell,
S. Macko (MUN)
H47 1985 Wentzell, Brian   Transition from the staurolite to the sillimanite zone, Port LaTour, southwest Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H48 1986 Bray, Adrian   Zeolites and secondary minerals in the amygdaloidal zone of the basal flow, North Mountain Basalt, Kings County, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H49 1986 Brown, Peter   Lower Tertiary subsurface stratigraphy: Jeanne d'Arc Basin, offshore Grand Banks, Newfoundland B. Cameron
H50 1986 Kaiser, Karen   Heavy mineral, rock fragment and ash analysis of Cretaceous sediment core from the Alpha Ridge, Arctic Ocean: implications for the volcanic evolution of the Alpha Ridge N. Van Wagoner
H51 1986 Mallinson, Terry   Petrology and stratigraphy of the basaltic flows in Freeport, Long Island, Digby County, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H52 1986 Matheson, Terry   Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Kennetcook Limestone Member, Windsor Group, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H53 1986 Misner, A.R. (Tony)   Metamorphism of the northern part of the Shelburne Metamorphic Complex, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H54 1986 Turner, Robert   Geochemical exploration for tungsten in the till of the Musquodoboit Batholith, Nova Scotia J. Colwell
H55 1986 Wilson, Gerald   Petrography and geochemistry of the Lower Amisk Group volcanic flows of the East Amisk Lake area, Saskatchewan N. Van Wagoner
H56 1987 Bromley, Michael   Geology of the melange at Clarke Head, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia G. Stevens
H57 1987 Eddy, Brian   Deformation and metamorphism of the Whitehead Harbour area, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. R. Raeside
H58 1987 Howells, Gareth   The stratigraphy and correlation of borehole RC-85-1 near Riverside Corner, Hants County, Nova Scotia R. Moore
H59 1987 Steele, Alison   Petrography and geochemistry of the gabbronorite 1 subzone, Stillwater Intrusion: a lunar analog study S. Barr
H60 1988 Deveau, Stuart   Petrography and geochemistry of the Lowland Brook Syenite and associated rocks, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H61 1988 Gary Walker   Petrography and mineral chemistry of diopside, garnet and amphiboles from carbonate and calc-silicate Rocks, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H62 1989 Armitage, Allan   Geology and petrology of the crystalline rocks of the Whycocomagh area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. 120p R. Raeside
H63 1989 Deveau, Kevin   Petrology of the Golden Grove intrusive suite in the area northeast of Saint John, New Brunswick, 145p S.M. Barr
H64 1989 Clarke, Gordon T.   A study of the lithological, geochemical and geophysical characteristics of the Lark Fe-Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag sulphide deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada. 135p. J.A. Colwell
H65 1990 Edmonds, S.L.   Petrology of dioritic and gneissic rocks in the Melrose area, eastern Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
H66 1991 Sauveur, Steve C.  

Relationship of primary structures to flowage and cooling in the North Mountain Basalt of Nova Scotia. 122p.

G.S. Stevens
H67 1991 Dickinson, Alice   Sedimentary structures of the Cornwallis River. 138p. G. Yeo
H68 1991 McDow, Nadine C.   Quaternary stratigraphy and sedimentology of Evangeline Beach, the Guzzle and Boot Island, Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy. 124p. G. Yeo
H69 1994 Arnott, Alexandra   Devono-Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the Fisset Brook Formation, Gillanders Mountain, Cape Breton Island, N.S. S.M. Barr
H70 1994 MacDougall, Gary   Field Relations and Petrology of the Fisset Brook Formation and Associated Rocks, Southern Creignish Hills, N.S. S.M. Barr
H71 1995 Day, Geoff E.   Analysis of LANDSAT thematic mapper imagery of the Mira-Framboise Region, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: drumlin and till classification and distribution I.S. Spooner
H72 1995 Goodwin-Bell, Jo-Anne   Investigation of the intrusion and metamorphism of the North Branch Baddeck River Leucotonalite and its mafic dykes R.P. Raeside
H73 1995 Perkins, C. Trevor   Deformational history of the Margaree shear zone, east Lake Ainslie area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia R.P. Raeside
H74 1996 Kempt, Maylia R.   An evaluation of the basic geochemistry of ground and surface waters in Kingston, Nova Scotia and its interaction with the surficial geology and land use practices of the surrounding watershed I.S. Spooner
H75 1996 MacDonald, Carol Ann K.   Petrography, geochemistry, and structure of the Taylors Barren Pluton, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H76 1996 Peterson, Kevin C.A.   Petrochemistry of the Fisset Brook Formation, in the Pembroke Lake-Gallant River area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H77 1997 Marshall, Sandra   An evaluation of drumlin orientation, striation record and subglacial erosional forms in the Lunenburg and Halifax areas of Nova Scotia I.S. Spooner
H78 1998 Fenton, Heather L.R.   A model of storage potential and input transferral patterns of the Elderkin Brook watershed in Kings County, Nova Scotia I.S. Spooner
H79 1998 Guy, Gordon H.J.   Chemical and textural variation of the Bonnell Brook Pluton, Caledonia Highlands, southern New Brunswick S.M. Barr
H80 1998 Hulshof, Andrea H.M.   Dispersion of neutralized main tailing from the Stirling Zn-Cu-Pb mine site, Cape Breton Island, N.S. A.S. Macdonald
H81 1998 James, Jason A.   Stratigraphy, Petrochemistry and Economic Potential of the Silurian New Canaan Formation, Meguma Terrane S.M. Barr
H82 1998 Lister, Karen J. .   Petrology and tectonic implications of the Silurian Sarach Brook metamorphic suite, southern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
H83 1998 Myers, Melody S.   A detailed investigation of the morphological impact of in-stream remediation structures on Mill Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia I.S. Spooner
H84 1998 Newsome, James   Re-evaluation of shoreface, channel, and regional sand facies within the Colony and McLaren formations, Upper Mannville Group, east-central Alberta: Implications for reservoir potential I.S. Spooner
H85 1998 terMeer, M. Mariska   The metamorphic development of the McMillan Flowage Formation, central Cape Breton Highlands R.P. Raeside
H86 1998 Whitehead, Nancy E.   Environmental impact assessment of neutralized mine drainage at Magnet Cove mine site, Walton, Hants County, Nova Scotia A.S. Macdonald
H87 1999 Campbell, Brian   Contact metamorphism, Bear River area, Nova Scotia R.P. Raeside
H88 1999 Carruthers, Kris   Geochemistry and Petrography of part of the Sproggle Property, Yukon Territory R.P. Raeside,
C. Stanley
H89 1999 Gaskill, Owen   Geology of the St. Stephen Gabbro, southwestern New Brunswick S.M. Barr
H90 1999 Huskins, Miranda L.A.   The Mafic Dikes of the Passamaquoddy Bay Area, New Brunswick, Canada N. Van Wagoner
H91 1999 McLaughlin, Troy   Stratigraphy and facies development within the Swan Hills Formation, central Alberta I. Spooner
H92 1999 Venables, Stuart   Stratigraphic Variations and Porosity Development within the Rock Creek Member of the Fernie Formation, West-Central Alberta I. Spooner
H93 1999 Wood, Donald   Invertebrate and vertebrate trace fossils of the Early Mississippian Horton Bluff Formation, Nova Scotia B.W. Cameron
H94 2000 DeWolfe, Ian A.   Structural analysis of saddle-reef folds at the mesothermal gold deposit, Port Dufferin, Halifax County, Nova Scotia C. Stanley
H95 2000 Fownes, Janet M.   A study of sediment movement in a small lake in Halifax County, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
H96 2000 Gladwin, Kaesy.   Stratigraphy, structure, and mafic sills in a section through the Halifax Group, Black River area, Kings County, Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
H97 2000 Timpa, Sean Andrew   Petrology and mineral chemistry of the Mount Brome alkaline complex, southeastern Quebec S.M. Barr
H98 2000 Grace, Elizabeth   Determination of protoliths and pressure-temperature conditions in the Pocologan Mylonite Zone, southern New Brunswick S.M. Barr
H99 2001 MacDonald, Ian.   A paleoenvironmental study of lake sediment records from Piper Lake, Pictou County, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
H100 2001 O'Connell, Jason   Gold-bearing veins, The Ovens, Nova Scotia. C. Stanley
H101 2002 Hagan, Dan   Volcanic Rocks and Mafic Sills in the White Rock Formation, Torbrook Area, Nova Scotia: Petrology and Tectonic Setting S. M. Barr
H102 2002 Giles, Kristina   Stratigraphy of part of the New Glasgow coalfield B. Cameron
H103 2002 Jodrey, Matthew   A study of flexural shear in the Crown Reserve Anticline, Port Dufferin, Halifax County, Nova Scotia A. Macdonald,
R. Horne (NS DNR)
H104 2002 Paul, Heather   Petrology and lithogeochemistry of volcanic rocks hosting seafloor hot springs systems in the Manus Basin, southwestern Pacific Ocean C. Stanley
H105 2003 King, John   The occurrence and distribution of PGEs and base metals in a bornite-rich sulphide vein, Sudbury, Ontario S.M. Barr,
C. Farrow
H106 2003 MacLean, Natalie   Petrology and tectonic setting of the Wedgeport Pluton, southwestern Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
H107 2003 Mugridge, Donnette   Spatial distribution and grades of conjugate veins associated with mesothermal saddle reef gold mineralization, The Ovens, Nova Scotia: implications for an open pit resource C. Stanley
H108 2003 Tizzard, Amy   Structural Geology and basement-cover relations in the southeastern Cape Breton Highlands R. Raeside
H109 2003 Zwicker, Colin   Magnetic expression and sedimentary layering of heavy mineral-bearing sand bars, Shubenacadie River, NS C. Stanley
H110 2004 Mitchell Frances   Metamorphic petrology of calc-silicate nodules from greenschist facies to migmatite grade, Liverpool-Pubnico area, Nova Scotia R. Raeside
H111 2004 Moore, Charlie   Distribution of zinc and cadmium in stream sediments from the West Barneys River area, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia C. Stanley
H112 2004 Oickle, Erin   Thermal response of Canoran Lake, Lunenburg County and Sandy Lake, Kings County, N.S. I. Spooner
H113 2004 Wasylik, Darin   Geology of the Washabuck Area, Central Cape Breton Island, N.S. S.M. Barr
H114 2005 Bigelow, Jeffrey   A Study of the Sheeted Quartz Vein-Hosted, Coarse Gold Mineralization of the Callie Deposit, Tanami Desert, Northern Territory, Australia C. Stanley
H115 2005 Lodge, Robert   Volcanism of the Silurian Eastport Formation, Maine, U.S.A. N. Van Wagoner
H116 2005 Moran, Patrick   Petrology of the Seal Island Granite, south-western Nova Scotia S.M. Barr
H117 2006 Lowe, David   Stratigraphy, depositional setting, and volcanism of the Letete Formation, southwestern New Brunswick N. Van Wagoner
H118 2006 Toole, Ryan   Petrographic and chemical variations through the Goldenville and Halifax formations, Bear River, High Head, and Broad River sections, southwestern Nova Scotia S. M. Barr
H119 2006 Wolczanski, Heather   The Wolves Islands - a missing link in southern New Brunswick geology S. M. Barr
H120 2007 Baldwin, Geoff   The sedimentology and diagenesis of a Mississippian Brachiopod Biostrome in the vicinity of Newport Landing, Hants County, Nova Scotia P. Pufahl.
H121 2007 Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, Rafael   The southern Nova Scotia Wine Terroir: A geological and pedological study of the geochemistry of soils from vineyards with a focus on cation exchange capacity (ENGO thesis) I. Spooner
H122 2007 Laflamme, Crystal   Gold and Sulphides in the Triple Seven Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulphide Deposit, Flin Flon, Manitoba C. Stanley
H123 2008 Cross, Timothy   Alteration lithogeochemistry around the low-sulphidation, epithermal, Au-bearing Amaranth quartz vein, Waihi, New Zealand C. Stanley
H124 2008 Scallion, Kara-Lynn   Phosphate deposits in Cambrian rocks of Avalonia in the Saint John area, southern New Brunswick P. Pufahl,
S. Barr
H125 2010 Abdul Aziz, Annas   Carbonate sedimentology of enigmatic limestone beds in the Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada (pdf available) P. Pufahl
H126 2010 Alrashid Mohamad Idris, Harun   Anomalous Zn Concentrations in the West Barney's River area, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia (pdf available) C. Stanley
H127 2010 Brisco, Trevor   A possible multiple impact crater site in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada (pdf available) I. Spooner,
P. Pufahl
H128 2010 Doucette, Vince   Petrology of the Hemlock Hill gneiss, Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H129 2010 Kaul, Alex   A petrological study of REE-rich carbonatite intrusions from the Lofdal Farm, Namibia, Africa (pdf available) S. Barr,
C. Stanley
H130 2010 Murowinski, Emma   Results of a ground magnetic survey over the Bloody Creek bolide impact crater near Bridgetown, Nova Scotia (Physics thesis: pdf available) M. Robertson C. Stanley
H131 2010 Stevens, Chris   Petrology and tectonic setting of mafic dykes in the Boisdale Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S Barr
H132 2011 Chiste, Leah   Geochemistry of pediment over the Toki Cluster porphyry copper deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile (pdf available) C. Stanley
H133 2011 Gates, Jon   Petrology and tectonic implications of mafic to intermediate dykes in the Kellys Mountain area, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H134 2011 Marshall, Luke   Sedimentology and authigenesis of the Lower Devonian Torbrook Formation Ironstone, Torbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada (pdf available) P. Pufahl
H135 2012 Halama, Kacper   X-ray diffraction of the weathering zone of the Bisha Zn-Cu-Au Volcanic Massive Sulphide Deposit, Eritrea (pdf available) C. Stanley
H136 2012 MacFadzen, Amy   Petrology of the Indian Lake and Leadbetter Road plutons, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H137 2012 Nalepa, Mariella   Investigation of the form and age of the Bloody Creek crater, southwestern Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
H138 2013 Caines, Joshua   An investigation of factors influencing the erosion of drumlin islands in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (pdf available) I.Spooner,
B. Nodding
H139 2013 Englehardt, Patrick   Lead accumulation in open water wet ecosystems in the border marsh region of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (pdf available) I. Spooner
H140 2013 Shawwa, Nabil   Employing contact metamorphism to assess the conditions of pluton emplacement in southwestern Kellys Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pdf available) R. Raeside,
D. McMullin
H141 2013 Willson, Jason   Detecting fine-grained gold in pedogeochemical samples from the Fifteen Mile Stream gold property, Nova Scotia (pdf available) C. Stanley,
J. Murimboh
H142 2014 Plante, Melanie   Paleoenvironments of the Devonian-Carboniferous Blue Beach Member of the Horton Bluff Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada (pdf available) P. Pufahl,
I. Spooner
H143 2014 Reid, Michael   Petrography and geochemistry of drill core from the Taylors Brook property in the Stirling Belt, southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H144 2015 Bagley, Thomas   Determining the heterogeneity of reference materials (pdf available) C. Stanley
H145 2015 Porter, Céline   Petrographic and chemical characteristics of mafic dykes and sills in the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia. (pdf available) S. Barr
H146 2016 LaCombe, Roxanne   Metamorphic conditions and reactions responsible for biotite box structure in andalusite porphyroblasts, Pubnico, Nova Scotia (pdf available) R. Raeside,
D. McMullin
H147 2016 Turner, Maxwell   An assessment of nitrogen and phosphorus availability in constructed wetlands in the Cumberland Marsh Region, Canada (pdf available) I. Spooner
M. Mallory
H148 2017 Chew, Taylor   Geological setting of Au-Cu-Ni-Pb occurrences in the Second Gold Brook area, southwestern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H149 2017 Dunn, Sarah   Ironstone of the Ferrona Formation, Nova Scotia, and the biogeochemical cycling of Fe and P (pdf available) P. Pufahl
H150 2017 Langelaan, Dillon   Using partial digestions in pedogeochemical exploration to understand interactions between reagents and soil mineral matrices (pdf available) C. Stanley,
J. Murimboh
H151 2017 McCulloch, Katie   Petrology and geochemistry of the Jeffers Brook pluton, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H152 2017 Poirier, Simon   Geological setting and petrology of the Rocky Brook area, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pdf available) S. Barr
H153 2018 Cameron, Reid   Reservoir potential of the Glass Sand marker unit in the upper Horton Bluff Formation, Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia I. Spooner,
F. Keppie
H154 2018 Chipman, Max   Fish coprolites and Carboniferous aquatic ecosystems of the Joggins Formation P. Pufahl, M. Grey
H155 2018 Davidson, Kirklyn   Spatiotemporal assessment of metal concentrations in grey marine clays underlying organic-rich, effluent- based, black sediments of a pulp and paper mill tailings pond, Boat Harbour, Pictou, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
H156 2018 Malone, Jackson   Granular iron deposits, seawater chemistry and Earth evolution P. Pufahl
H157 2018 McGuire, Heather   Using paleolimnological methods and water quality parameters to understand environmental change and ectogenic meromixis at Laytons Lake, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
H158 2018 Vibert, Brendan   Correlation among four drill holes in the Faribault Brook Formation near the Road 2 showing, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H159 2019 Hooey, Garrett   Investigating the potential for economic mineralization in the Faribault Brook Formation, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H160 2019 Smith, Crystal   Geochemical and mineralogical dispersal in till from the East Kemptville Sn-Zn-Cu-Ag deposit, southwest Nova Scotia D. Brushett,
I. Spooner
H161 2019 Velkjar, Garrett   Cecil Lake, British Columbia: a paleolimnological analysis of natural and anthropogenic environmental change I. Spooner
H162 2019 Wyles, Dylan   A paleolimnological assessment of sediment in Sitmu’k Lagoon to determine the influence of geogenic and anthropogenic activity on water quality change through time, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia I. Spooner
H163 2020 Tamosauskas, Michael   Petrography, geochemistry, and economic minerals in three drill cores from the Faribault Brook area, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia S. Barr
H164 2020 Vaccaro, Miguel   Petrology and age of the Gunshot Brook Pluton, eastern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
  2022 Carter, Nathan   Lithology and Geochemistry of the Nicola Group Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Host Rocks to the Copper Mountain Alkaline Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada C. Stanley
  2022 Maracle, Mitch   Automated sinkhole delineation using LiDAR in the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia M. Snyder
  2022 Smith, Amanda   Petrology, tectonic setting, and critical element potential of the Park Spur pluton, Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
  2023 Beckwith, Jessica   Possible biogenic sedimentary structures in the Cambrian Goldenville Group, Nova Scotia M. Snyder
  2023 Demaries-Smith, Jesse   Interpreting basin connectivity using seismic data from the Scotian Basin, offshore Nova Scotia M. Snyder
  2023 Gan, Yuzhe   Chemistry and origin of xenocrysts in the Eastern Shore lamprophyre dykes, Nova Scotia S, Barr
  2023 Greaves, Cameron   Late Quaternary geochronology and stratigraphy of St. Anne's basin, offshore NS
(ENGO thesis)
J. Eamer (BIO)
E. King (BIO)
I. Spooner
  2023 Streit, Monet   Carboniferous volcanic stratigraphy in the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia S. Barr
  2024 Carnochan, Jack   Petrology, tectonic setting and mineralization potential of late Devonian plutons in the central Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia S Barr
  2024 Hughes, Tilda   Mapping evaporite sinkholes at Irishmans Road Recreation Site, Nova Scotia, Canada M. Snyder
  2024 Koulouras, Jonathan   Mafic Sills in the Meguma Terrane, Southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada: Petrology, tectonic setting and ages. D. van Rooyen
  2024 Markham, Keaton   Spectral analysis and classification of ore and ore-adjacent rocks of the Windsor Group at Walton, NS M. Snyder