MSc theses in Applied Geomatics


A1. Sea-level changes in the Bay of Fundy region: isostatic and eustatic controls.
Bates, Chris
Supervisors: I. Spooner, T. Webster


A2. Snow Pack Modeling Using Lidar Derived Elevation Data
Collins, Tim
Supervisors: I. Spooner,  C. Hopkinson

A3. Using LiDAR-derived Digital Elevation Models to identify areas of unregulated surface mining in the Sydney Coalfields of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Roik, Meredith
Supervisors: I. Spooner, T. Webster


A4. Assessing Shoreline change in the Antigonish Region, Nova Scotia
LeBlanc, Kathryn
Supervisor: T. Webster, I. Spooner

A5. Using Fluorescence LiDAR to Model lake chemistry and productivity
Rogers, Stephanie (M.Sc. Applied Geomatics project)
Supervisor: N. O'Driscoll, T. Webster, I. Spooner


A6. Hydrological feature delineation and water level estimation in the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada, using digital terrain analyses on airborne lidar derived data
Crasto, Neville
Supervisors: C. Hopkinson, I. Spooner


A7.Salt marshes in Prince Edward Island
Daniel, Alicia
Supervisors: T. Webster, I. Spooner


Development of a Geomorphometric Approach to Seafloor Morphology Classification of the Manicouagan Peninsula using High-Resolution Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR
Mutton, Daniel
Supervisors: T. Webster, I. Spooner