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Becoming an EP or EPt (Environmental Professional)

ECO Canada provides the EP and EPt (Environmental Professional in training) designation to newly graduated students from the BSc (Envs) program at Acadia. As a benefit to students in the Acadia program, each graduate receives a waiver of the EPt application fee. Students in their final year before graduation should apply for their EPt designation during their last month of study. The $200 application fee is waived, but in order for students to be exempt from the application fee, they need to submit the required information outlined at Once the required information is received, the discount code will be provided along with additional instructions to complete the application. Note that all applicants are responsible for paying the annual membership fee upon being granted the EPt designation (currently $130). Some benefits of being an EPt include:

  • EP 1:1 Mentorship Program Free to certified Environmental Professionals (EP/EPt), ECO Canada pairs junior environmental professionals (EPts) with senior environmental professionals (EPs) based on similar career goals and aspirations. The goal of the program is to help EPts develop valuable skill sets that can create new professional opportunities, expand their view of the environmental sector, as well as provide them with an opportunity to receive honest feedback and guidance on how to build a greater network and employment advancement. New EPts are eligible to participate in this program as soon as they receive their designation.
  • EPt Professional Development Training Framework - Developed by ECO Canada as a guide for junior environmental professionals to expand their technical aptitude and leadership qualities through transferable and technical professional development and training. EPt’s are placed within this framework based on their years of environmental work experience. Years 0-3 focus on the development of essential skills, whereas years 4 and 5 outline requirements for more technical training aimed to focus the EPt on developing their skills to become an EP.
  • Free Professional Development Webinars and Training Discounts – Exclusive to EP and EPt members are 40+ free webinars to assist them in developing new skills and knowledge in a variety of topics (laws and regulations, sustainability, impact assessment, networking strategies, employability, etc). All EPt/EP members will continue to receive 25% off ECO Canada online training courses and free access to the Essentials Skills for Job Seekers These will be of great value to recent graduates and will help them expand their knowledge of the job market, create a job search toolkit as well as provide them with insights on interview skills and the building of their personal brand.