The Earth and Environmental Science Department offers three programs leading to degrees in Environmental Science, Geology and Environmental Geoscience at the B.Sc. level, and Geology, Environmental Science and Applied Geomatics at the M.Sc. level. We are strongly committed to field and laboratory studies and our classes and field schools take advantage of the stunning natural setting of Nova Scotia. Small personalized classes, engaged faculty, and world-class research facilities are hallmarks of our programs. Our graduates are exceptionally well positioned to take advantage of the ever-increasing demand for scientists trained in Earth and Environmental disciplines.

Mission Statement of the Department

A 5-minute tour of the Department in Huggins Science Hall

Center for Analytical Research on the Environment (CARE)

Acadia Petrographic Lab

K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre

Maggie MacDonald, BScH 2018: I really enjoyed my time in the Earth and Environmental Science department at Acadia because of the small class sizes and the familiarity within the department. By your second year, or the end of your first year, your professors know your name and recognize you on campus. I really enjoyed the academic advising provided before your next year, sitting down with an adviser to plan out your school year is extremely helpful for picking classes and deciding future plans, whether it is doing your Honours and/or setting yourself up for graduate school. I felt very supported by the department throughout my time academic career at Acadia and think that has to do a lot with the tight-knit community of the department.

Elvis Zhou, BSc 2018: I can still remember all kinds of field trips that we had during my studies at the Earth and Environmental Science department. It was the most memorable experience because it not only gave me an amazing learning experience but also made textbook knowledge more practical, it favoured me to build a strong foundation in problem-solving skills, which benefits me today as a young professional. As an Environmental Science student at the time, I love the comprehensive curriculum that allows us to learn my major from different fields and perspectives (Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc). Moreover, I was impressed by all of our professors and appreciated that they put in the effort to know every single student in the department. I truly felt care and support from different professors and the department.