Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia offers programs leading to B.Sc. degrees in Environmental Science, Geology and Environmental Geoscience, and M.Sc. degrees in Geology, Environmental Science and Applied Geomatics.

Departmental News

Dr. Sandra Barr was approached by a Nova Scotia Dept of Energy and Mines geologist to identify the source of the paving stones used for the old Halifax tram lines. It turns out the material was most likely artificial, possibly recycled steel foundry slag.

A round-up of news of Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia and news of our alumni was sent out to 750 alumni.

Dr. Peir Pufahl and Christa Pufahl are leaving Acadia to take up positions at Queen's University, after 14 years of teaching in the sedimentology-paleontology-oceanography areas of Geology.