Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia offers programs leading to B.Sc. degrees in Environmental Science, Geology and Environmental Geoscience, and M.Sc. degrees in Geology, Environmental Science and Applied Geomatics.

Departmental News

Sarah Dunn is announced as the recipient of the Acadia Outstanding Masters Research Award for the Faculty of Science.

Dr. O’Driscoll’s research group was awarded an NSERC RTI grant (~$61,000) for the purchase of a new ultra-high purity water system for trace level analyses in the Mercury Lab.

Dr. Jean-Luc Pilote has been selected by the Mineral Deposits Division of GAC as the 2020 William Harvey Gross medalist. The award consists of a medal and a cash supplement supported through endowment funds provided by Corona Corp. and donations by the friends and family of Bill Gross to provide a contribution toward the travel expenses for the recipient and a guest to attend the annual luncheon of MDD to receive the award.