Environmental Science Students meet Stephen Lewis
On October 30th the Nova Scotia Nature Trust held their 11th Annual Dinner and Silent Auction in Halifax with renowned guest speaker Stephen Lewis. Attending this dinner were two ENVS students, 5th year Sarah Haverstock and 4th year Kelly Moores, who worked for the organization this summer as part of her co-op requirements. The Nature Trust is a land trust organization working to preserve ecologically significant private land in Nova Scotia. The food was excellent and Mr. Lewis’s speech inspiring, all in all a successful event.
3 December 2008



Acadia student and professor invited to WUSC National Research Forum
Sarah Haverstock (Environmental Science Honours student) and Linda Lusby have been invited to participate in a National Research Forum being held as part of the WUSC (World University Service of Canada) General Assembly in Montreal, November 7 - 9, 2008.  The theme of this year's Assembly is Youth Action and Civic Engagement and their presentation is entitled Engaging Youth - For Generations to Come:  The Malawi / Nova Scotia Experience.  In the presentation they will provide an overview of Linda's WUSC sponsored Malawi / Nova Scotia project  with  a focus on science education in the rural development and agricultural sectors. As part of the project Sarah spent the summer of 2007 in Malawi, living and working in  a local community and working on a food security project.  More information about WUSC and the General Assembly can be found at http://www.wusc.ca/en/about/annual_assembly .
2 October 2008.

Linda Lusby to participate in Trudeau Foundation Conference
For a second time, Linda Lusby, professor of environmental science, has been invited to participate in the Trudeau Foundation Conference, in Montreal in November. This year's conference theme is "Redefining Canada's Global Agenda".
25 September 2008

More changes at the helm
As another academic year ends, we are experiencing changes once again in the head's office. Rob Raeside will be continuing as acting Dean of Science for another year, and Sandra Barr has agreed to serve as acting head in his absence. Sandra is showing many signs of being a very active acting head, investigating some of the deep corners of the department, talking about reorganizing some of our collections, and probably our lives too - and she doesn't start for another two weeks yet!
17 June 2008

E&ES participation at the national CGU-CGRG conference
Ian Spooner and a host of coauthors, including Ian's former students Bryan Martin (now at MUN) and David Mazzucchi (UVic), and Acadia Vice-President and Acting President Tom Herman, presented a paper at the joint meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union and the Canadian Geomorphology Research Group which was held in Banff, AB, from May 11-14th. The talk was entitled "The Effects of Climate Change on Fen Morphology and Blanding's Turtle Habitat in Nova Scotia" and presented in a session devoted to the biogeosciences.
17 June 2008

Linda Lusby appointed as chair of CUESN
During their annual conference and meeting in Halifax June 5/6, 2008 members of the Canadian Environmental Science Network (CUESN) elected Acadia’s Linda Lusby as their incoming President for a 3 year term. The CUESN is the only organization that links program heads from environmental science programs in universities across Canada. Plans for the upcoming year include the re-establishment of the CUESN website, the initiation of an e-newsletter, the distribution of materials on environmental science to high schools and continued participation in the program accreditation process being lead by ECO Canada. The organization was originally formed to share best practices among environmental science programs and to participate actively in the both accreditation of programs and registration of individuals.
9 June 2008

Acadia professor involved in NASA’s quest for Martian life
Dr. Peir Pufahl from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science is collaborating with a team of NASA funded scientists led by Clark Johnson from the University of Wisconsin – Madison to explore the signature of early life in ancient Earth rocks, like this iron formation. While in the field in northern Ontario they used a miniature, state-of-the art x-ray diffractometer to understand the composition of these rocks. This prototype is similar to the instrument that will fly on the Mars Science Laboratory rover. The aim of this mission is to investigate the past or present ability of Mars to support life.
Pictured above: Mars Science Laboratory rover is scheduled to launch in September 2009 and will land on the red planet in the summer of 2010.
4 June 2008

Class Projects Go to the GAC-MAC Conference, Quebec City
Earth and Environmental Science graduate studentsTamara Moss and Pizye Nankamba recently travelled to Quebec City for the joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada and Mineralogical Association of Canada, this time with the Society of Economic Geologists and the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, to present posters on their Applied Geochemistry term projects.The trips were paid for by the Northwest Territories Geological Survey because both class projects involved evaluating the geochemical data collected inseveralregional geochemical surveys undertaken recently in the Northwest Territories. Thisinitiative was organized by Dr. Cliff Stanley and Dr. Hendrik Falck (NWT Geological Survey), and featured new data evaluation procedures developed by Dr. Stanley for just such geochemical datasets. The posters will ultimately be released as open file reports by the NWT Geological Survey.
31 May 2008

Sandra Barr awarded GAC Volcanology and Igneous Petrology Division Career Achievement Award

tl_files/sites/ees/Images/news/sbarr-medallist.jpgThe Career Achievement Award of the Volcanology and Igneous Petrology Division of the Geological Association of Canada was given to Sandra Barr in recognition of her achievements in the field of volcanology and/or igneous petrology at the annual meeting of the Division in Quebec City. Candidates are judged on their lifetime scientific contribution, which for Sandra has included almost every igneous rock type except carbonatite or kimberlite - she worked on ocean floor basalt for her PhD thesis, and has mapped volcanic and plutonic rocks in Thailand, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Labrador, which through time have fallen into almost every field on any tectonic discrimination diagram you might prefer!  In the photograph, Sandra is shown being awarded the medal by Dr. Jarda Dostal, St. Mary's University, himself a previous winner of the medal, at the GAC booth at the conference. You can also view the medal itself. Congratulations to Sandra. You can read the citation and Sandra's response at the Ashfall (p. 7)
30 May 2008

Honorary degree awarded to Dr. Roger Tomlinson
Acadia was proud to award an honorary Doctor of Science degree to Dr. Roger Tomlinson at the 12 May convocation.  Dr. Tomlinson was a member of the class of 1960 and since he left Acadia he has made a career in the field of GIS - in fact he is often referred to as the "Father of GIS".  Shortly after his graduation, while working in Kenya, Roger conceived of the need for overlapping but integrated mapping of forests, and he later developed this into the geographic information systems we know today.
   Dr. Tomlinson has also received the Gold Medal of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a place in the GIS Hall of Fame, and he has been appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada.
15 May 2008

Seventeen students graduate at Spring Convocation
Acadia's Spring Convocation was held on May 12th.  Geology graduates Tim Cross and Kara-Lynn Scallion received BSc honours and Carl Richardson and Eric Poll received BSc degrees. Environmental Geoscience degrees were awarded to Jenn Wilson and Nicole Oliver. Environmental Science degrees were awarded to Julia Beresford, Devin Folks and Matthew Weaver, and honours EnvSci degrees went to Emma Vost, Kieran McDonald, Katherine Dugas and Kaitlin Almack. Four students received MSc degrees in geology: Sheri Lyon, Gabe Nelson, Aaron Satkoski and Dog Stiff. We wish all of our graduating students the best of luck and good fortune. The University Medal in Environmental Science was awarded to Kieran McDonald and the University Medal in Geology and the Mining Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Medal went to Kara-Lynn Scallion.
15 May 2008

Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment - Environmental Leadership Award
tl_files/sites/ees/Images/news/kalmack.jpgThe winners of the Academy's Environmental Leadership Award were announced on 17 April as Kaitlin Almack and a team of Hillary Barter and Alex Redfield. The award is given annually to a graduating student or to a group of students (at least one of whom is graduating) that has (have) demonstrated exceptional environmental leadership during the previous year at Acadia University. Kaitlin was instrumental in establishing the Campus Environmental Sustainability Framework, was co-chair of the Green Acadia Committee and co-organizer of the Green Campus Summit in September 2007.
17 April 2008

Relay for Life: Students raise $6000
Students in E&ES raised a team to participate in the annual Relay for Life overnight on 29-30 March. This mighty force managed to raise $6000 which is donated toward cancer research. As a lasting reminder of the night Tim Cross and Harun Alrashid shaved their heads bare.
2 April 2008

Awards nights at Acadia E&ES
On March 27 and 28 the students and faculty of the E&ES department gathered in the University Club to celebrate the achievement of students over the past year. In an atmosphere of fine dining and music (courtesy of the Geo-band: Edwin Escarraga, Tim Cross, Annas Abdul Aziz, Alex Kaul), events of the year were recapped, prize winners were acknowledged and everyone enjoyed a break from lab exams or marking them. On the Thursday night the Geo-majors had their turn, and in the tradition of years gone by invited Dr. Raeside as banquet speaker. Tim Cross and Kara-Lynn Scallion (Princess Port Williams) were winners of the Bancroft Scholarship and the Haycock Scholarship. Still studying for tests (and therefore not present) were Trevor Brisco and Chelcy Fougere, winners of the MacNeill Memorial Scholarships.

The following evening the Environmental Scientists had their turn. Prof. Lusby feted the graduating students, reminding us of some of the highlights of their careers at Acadia, and award winners were recognized.

Claire McIntyre, Sarah Haverstock, Kieran McDonald and Nicole Oliver were all identified as recipients.
2 April 2008

APICS Environmental Studies Conference - Saint Francis Xavier University March 7,8
Congratulations to Kieran MacDonald on receiving the best presentation award at this annual conference.  Kieran also won best poster for the same research at the Atlantic Geoscience Society meeting.  Acadia was well represented with presentations by Katherine Dugas, Emma Vost, Kaitlin Almack, Kieran MacDonald and a poster by Brendan McNeill.
10 March 2008

Linda Lusby chosen by Uniterra as one of eight women who are making a difference in Canada and the world
In honour of International Women's Day, Uniterra would like to present eight women who are making a difference in Canada and the world!
See Linda's profile at the following link Uniterra

Linda Lusby joins ECO Canada National Steering Committee
   Department head Linda Lusby has been invited to join the ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization) National Steering Committee (NSC) for the development of a national accreditation system for post-secondary environmental education programs. The accreditation system attends to the needs of educational institutions that offer environmental programs and Linda's participation will ensure that ECO Canada's accreditation project will not only have a voice from Acadia, but also an experienced campaigner for environmental science education since its inception at Acadia.
   ECO Canada was established in 1992, to address industry and practitioner-identified human resources issues in the Canadian environmental sector. ECO Canada's mission is "to ensure an adequate supply of people with the demonstrated skills and knowledge required to meet the environmental human resource needs of the public and private sectors." Previous discussions with the Canadian College Environmental Network (CCEN) and Canadian University Environmental Science Network (CUESN) have led to the creation of a partnership between these three organizations, and a request that ECO establish and administer a national accreditation system for environmental education. The creation of a national system that promotes mobility and reciprocity of trained workers in Canada is a defined goal of ECO Canada.
6 February 2008

Atlantic Geoscience Society meeting, Dartmouth: Acadia's accomplishments
Over 200 people attended the annual meeting of the Atlantic Geoscience Society in Dartmouth on the first weekend of February.  Fully 10% of that number were staff and students from Acadia.  Many students had posters on display and congratulations are due to Kieran McDonald whose poster (co-authored with David Piper and Ian Spooner, entitled "A Holocene sedimentary record of the Labrador Current" won the Graham Williams Award for best student poster at the conference. Kara-Lynn Scallion's poster (co-authored with Peir Pufahl and Sandra Barr) and entitled "Phosphate deposits in Cambrian rocks of Avalonia in the Saint John area, New Brunswick" was the honourable mention.
  At the conference the annual meeting of the Society saw the conclusion of Ian Spooner's term as councilor, vice-president and president. He was replaced by Peir Pufahl as councilor. Rob Raeside's term as secretary was renewed.
4 February 2008

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