Mission Statement of the Department

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia University educates students by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a contribution to, and become life-long learners of, their disciplines.

Departmental Objectives:

  • to provide opportunity for state-of-the-science instruction and education in Geology, Environmental Geoscience, and Environmental Science;
  • to provide support, service, and public awareness in the areas of Earth and Environmental Science to the academic and local community;
  • to provide an environment conducive to critical thinking and analysis and to foster research and advanced study by faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Geology and Environmental Geoscience Program Objectives

  • to offer B.Sc. degrees recognized by professional registration organizations (e.g., Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia);
  • to provide opportunities for students to gain field experience;
  • to provide honours programs that prepare students for graduate studies, research careers, and geoscience employment;
  • to offer M.Sc. degree programs that provide instruction and research opportunities in specialized areas of Geology;
  • to provide teaching and research opportunities that foster an understanding of the role of Geology and Environmental Geoscience in society.

Environmental Science Program Objectives

  • to develop life-long learners who will be fully prepared for further formal studies or employment in the environmental sector;
  • to provide a rigorous academic program, the use of leading edge technology, experienced guidance and the opportunity for original research for both faculty and honours students;
  • to design and offer courses and course content for students who are not majors in Environmental Science, to further their understanding of science and specifically our environment;
  • To be available as a resource in scientific study of the environment for both the university community and the public;
  • to encourage and maintain teaching and research in a program that provides students with an understanding of the environment and its scientific and human domains.