This has been a remarkable year musically for Don Osburn, culminating in the release of his CD "Small Fine Pleasures" on November 5th.  As many of you know, Don has been heavily involved in the acoustic music scene in the Maritimes. The CD is the cul-mination of many years of writing and performing, and was recorded primarily in Toronto  during the spring and summer with veteran  musician/producer Ken Whiteley.  The CD contains 14 original tracks with a variety of themes and styles that might best be summed up as contemporary Roots/Folk.

The CD release concert party was held at the Atlantic Festival Theatre and was, by all accounts, an extraordinary event.  The concert was sold out  (ca-pac-ity 500!) and over 50 people were turned away at the door.  As one local musician put it, "Shake-speare can't sell out this place but Don can!" The concert was unique in that Don took the opportunity to involve both friends and fellow musicians.  In fact, the concert was a testament to both the variety and excellence of the musical talent in the Valley.

A large contingent from the Geology Depart-ment was present and were altogether impressed. I  think that many did not realise the depth of talent that had been residing in the basement of Huggins! The Depart-ment wishes Don all the best in his musical career.

**(By the way, if anyone would like to purchase a copy of his CD, you can email Don at