Shelburne-Yarmouth Field Trip

Following the end of term in winter, students and professors are always keen to hit some beaches (preferably with rocks too). Here Jose is examining the migmatites around the edge of the Port Mouton Pluton near Summerville, Queens County. tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/summerville.jpg
tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/the_hawk.jpg The Hawk is the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia, on the south end of Cape Sable Island.  Here the metamorphic geology class is examining the sillimanite gneiss exposed on the rocky outcrop as the Atlantic waves crash on the sandy beach.
At Cape St. Mary, the contact between the Ordovician Halifax Formation slate and the Silurian White Rock Formation quartzite is marked by a prominent diamictite although the origin of the unit and the precise nature of the contact always elicit debate.

However, some students prefer to exercise their caber-tossing skills!