Morton Centre - The Past



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Originally the 99 acre property was an active farm and the forest was heavily logged, particularly between the 1940s to the 1960s.

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Dr. Harry and Rachel Morton purchased the property in 1960 and in 1965 they began construction on a new home further out on the Monk Point Peninsula.

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The farm remained active for many more years. Pigs, sheep, geese, ducks, and cows were kept on the farm and various crops were harvested including hay and cabbage for sauerkraut. Selective logging was practiced in the forest.

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On September 8, 1995 the property was officially donated to Acadia University to be used for environmental research and education.

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The property was named the Morton Centre in honour of Maie Stafford Morton who attended Acadia University at the turn of the century.


Local farmers continue to pasture a small herd of cattle on the point and hay the fields although no cash crops are cultivated. Every summer students from Acadia University live on the property to conduct research and work towards developing a fully sustainable environmental research and education centre.

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