Senior Geology Field School, Cape Breton Island

The fourth year field school course is held before term starts in the fall.  It is held in the southern Cape Breton Highlands near Baddeck.  Goose Cove Brook has the reputation of being the brook with the most waterfalls - here Jaime, Patrick, Jill and Josh gather steam to climb around waterfall 4, on the diorite.

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The northern map area includes the North River valley and the deep gorge of MacDonald Brook, which surprisingly has no major waterfalls once we get past the conglomerates at the bottom.
Accommodation is provided by the Gaelic College at St. Anns - all the comforts of home with great rocks and bagpipe music thrown in.

[image from Gaelic College website]



The Highland House sweatshop
Hard at work inside...



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