Carbonate sediments field school in Bermuda

Dr. Peir Pufahl led a group of students and professionals on a week-long field school to Bermuda.  This field is an extra to his Carbonate Sediments and Reservoir Development Course (GEOL 3323). [Click on images for larger versions.]

tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/bm-bbss.jpg Bermuda Biological Station: home for the week.
The field school participants at the beach (from left to right: Meredith Roik, Megan Masters, Gabe Nelson, Erin Dodge, Stephanie Anderson, Gordon Raeside, Gary Walker). tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/bm-fs07s.jpg
tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/bm-lab07s.jpg Hard at work in the lab (Gordon, Steph, Gabe, Meredith, Megan, Erin).

View of the reef.

tl_files/sites/ees/Images/info/bm-terrarosas.jpg Terra Rosa outcrop, showing the weathering of limestone.