Theses in Progress

Master of Science (Geology) Theses

Factors controlling intrusion-related mineralization in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: A comparison of Silurian-Devonian plutons in Ganderia and Avalonia
Alicia Moning
Supervisor: S. Barr


Petrology, age, and regional implications of the Margaree pluton, Aspy terrane, Nova Scotia
Gabriel Sombini dos Santos
Supervisors: S. Barr, D. van Rooyen (CBU)


Petrology, protolith, age, tectonic setting, and economic potential of meta-mafic rocks in the northwestern Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jonathan Shute
Supervisor: S. Barr


Iron formations in Spain
Alex Squires
Supervisor: P. Pufahl


Sedimentology and oceanography of Early Ordovician ironstone, Bell Island, Newfoundland, and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Stephanie Todd
Supervisor: P. Pufahl


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Theses
(Environmental Science, Environmental Geoscience and Geology)

* asterisk indicates proposal is complete

*Reid Cameron (Geology)
Reservoir potential of the Glass Sand marker unit in the upper Horton Bluff Formation, Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia.
Supervisors: F Keppie, I Spooner

*Max Chipman (Geology)
Fish coprolites and Carboniferous aquatic ecosystems of the Joggins Formation
Supervisors: P. Pufahl, M. Grey

*Rachel Clarke (Environmental Science)
Influences of water and sediment chemistry on mercury bioaccumulation in freshwater invertebrates from two lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia
Supervisors: N O'Driscoll, K Hillier

*Kirklyn Davidson (Environmental Geoscience)
Spatiotemporal assessment of metal concentrations in grey marine clays underlying organic-rich, effluent- based, black sediments of a pulp and paper mill tailings pond, Boat Harbour, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: I Spooner

Grace Hamilton-Burge (Environmental Science)
Endangered wild life science and policy
Supervisor: A Cohen

*Baillie Holmes (Environmental Science)
Assessment of changes in metal concentrations and distribution in pulp mill effluent recipient lake sediments compared to a background non-recipient lake, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: I Spooner

Maggie MacDonald (Environmental Science)
Root maggots in onions
Supervisors: K Hillier, Blatt

Allison MacDougall (Geology)
Nutrients in run-off
Supervisors: K Fuller (Kentville Research Station), I Spooner

Jackson Malone (Geology)
Fe formations, Antigonish Highlands
Supervisor: P Pufahl

*Heather McGuire (Geology)
Using paleolimnological methods and water quality parameters to understand environmental change and ectogenic meromixis at Laytons Lake, Nova Scotia
Supervisor: I Spooner

Brendan Vibert (Geology)
Faribault Brook Volcanics, Cape Breton Island
Supervisor: S Barr