Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia offers programs leading to B.Sc. degrees in Environmental Science, Geology and Environmental Geoscience, and M.Sc. degrees in Geology and Applied Geomatics. 

Departmental News

Yay Zircons!

Acadia graduate students learn the fine art of picking zircon grains for radiometric age analysis of rocks.

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Cannibal sharks in a paper by Peir Pufahl

Peir Pufahl is a co-author on a paper just published in the journal Palaeontology that describes “filial cannibalism” in sharks 300 million years ago.  

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Federal Environment Minister visits Acadia's CARE labs

Acadia University’s environmental science labs were under a microscope themselves Monday as some of the university’s leading research projects were examined by federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna.

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