Welcome Back EES Students

The first few weeks of classes have been jammed packed! A welcome barbecue, a trip to the Acadia Petrographic Lab, and first week of class activities are just a few of the ways we have welcomed the 2023/24 academic year.

The barbecue on Tuesday September 12 was a huge success. Thanks so much to Lynn for facilitating!

A big thank you to Jesse and Keaton, who grilled that meat (and non-meat) to perfection!


Lucas Evans gave a tour of the Acadia Petrographic Lab (APL) on Wednesday September 13


The sedimentary geology students made their own grain size charts on technological artifacts (i.e., floppy disks)


The structural geology students played a sketch-the-rock-from-your-partner's-description game

They nailed it

Let's get ready for a great year!

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