Dr. O’Driscoll’s research group at SETAC World meeting in Toronto

The O’Driscoll’s research group (Mercury Lab) attended the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) World meeting in Toronto this Nov. 3-7.

Haley Geizer (BScH) presented  a poster examining mercury deposition in gull guano.

Rachel Clarke (MSc) presented a poster and a talk on mercury bioaccumulation in Kejimkujik and mercury photochemistry in estuaries; Jessie McIntyre (MSc) presented a poster on mercury deposition to soil by birds.

Sara Klapstein (PDF, pictured above) presented her research on mercury speciation with wetland restoration and lichens as biomonitors.

Dr. O’Driscoll presented work on mercury in an Italian Aquaculture site.

Other work was presented on mercury bioaccumulation Patagonia in collaboration with Chilean colleagues in several mercury sessions chaired by Dr. O’Driscoll. Students had many networking events with industry, NGO, and government and were treated to keynote lectures by bestselling author Kate Harris, director of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Henry Lickers, and environmental lawyer Dianne Saxe.

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