Sarah Dunn at the Clastics Exploration Field School in Calgary

Sarah Dunn, MSc candidate, attended the Clastics Exploration Field School from October 16th to 20th. This was a 5-day intensive course run by Dr. David James, and sponsored by the CSPG.

The course was hosted at the AER Core Research Facility in Calgary. Attendees were exposed to over 600 boxes of core during the week. The program focused on core description, identification of sedimentary structures, recognition of potential reservoir facies, and sequence stratigraphy. Emphasis was placed on using first principles and "thinking geologically". A combination of lecture, geophysical logs and core examination was used to solve correlation problems from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This was an invaluable experience and has without doubt improved her core-logging skills in preparation for core analyses of the clastic-chemical suites which will constitute a part of her field work in the summer of 2018 in North Wales.

Inside the Core Labs in Calgary.

Cross-bedded arenite. Quick now - is the box upside-down or right way up?

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