Science Atlantic Environment Conference 2022

The Science Atlantic Environment Conference was held virtually this year (hosted by Dalhousie University) on Saturday March 12, 2022. A group of ENVS students attended the virtual talks together with Dr. O’Driscoll in the KC Irving Centre classroom. An excellent keynote lecture was given by Dr. Stephen Heard (UNB) on the topic “Charles Darwin’s barnacle and David Bowie’s spider: What can the names of species tell us about science, and scientists?”. Pizza and video games were enjoyed during the conference lunch break. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s in-person meeting!

The list of SAEC 2022 award winners below.

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award First Place ($200)

Ashlynn Fleming
Examining the relationship between marginalization and change in Toronto’s urban forest between 2008 and 2018
Dalhousie University

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award Second Place ($100)

Camryn Gallagher
Evaluating the historic change in consumption of high-impact animal products in Canada
Dalhousie University

Science Atlantic Graduate Research Award - French ($200)

Hamida Ibrahim
Origine de la matière organique sulfurisée dans la colonne d’eau océanique et sa contribution à la préservation
Université de Moncton

Science Atlantic Graduate Research Award - English ($200)

Edward Medeiros
Fluid-preserved museum specimens retain original stable hydrogen isotope signatures
Memorial University of Newfoundland - Grenfell

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Communication Award ($100)

Erin Nelson
Assessing the suitability of nature-based climate change adaptation techniques for coastal erosion in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Saint Mary's University

Science Atlantic Graduate Communication Award ($100)

Choyce Chappell
Design of a Mobile App Natural Disaster Preparation, Response and Recovery on Prince Edward Island
University of Prince Edward Island

Best Poster Award ($100)

Katrina Cruickshanks
Arboreal lichens and bryophytes of old growth forest canopies in Nova Scotia: implications for bias and vulnerability
Saint Mary's University

Acadia students listening in to the SAEC presentations

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