Science Atlantic (Environment) conference

The annual Science Atlantic Environment Conference was held virtually this year on March 13th hosted by Deanne Van Rooyen (UCB) and Michelle Gray (UNB).

A small in-person contingent met with Dr. O’Driscoll to attend the conference via the KC Irving Centre on Acadia Campus. Brianna Bowes presented her BSc ENVS honours research examining mercury accumulation in spruce tree cores from historical gold mining sites in Nova Scotia, while Molly Bradford presented her MSc ENVS proposal examining methylmercury production and accumulation in intertidal invertebrates of the Minas Basin. Molly also won the best poster prize at the conference!

Brianna Bowes with her oral paper

Screen capture with Molly Bradford and her poster.

Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll hosted an appropriately distanced conference group in the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre. In total, 35 research presentations were submitted all of which demonstrated the resilience and ingenuity of research students and supervisors over this past year.  Next year's conference will be hosted (in-person) at Dalhousie.

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