Roger Tomlinson thesis available to download

Roger Tomlinson was a member of the class of 1960 and at one time taught physical geography at Acadia. After he left Acadia he made a career in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) - hence the attribute "Father of GIS".  Shortly after his graduation, while working in Kenya, Roger conceived of the need for overlapping but integrated mapping of forests, and he later developed this into the geographic information systems we know today.

   Dr. Tomlinson had a varied career, working from Ottawa on projects as diverse as the realignment of the Alaska Highway, forestry practices in Canada, USA, Africa, and landscape changes in the Brazilian rain forest. He received the Gold Medal of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a place in the GIS Hall of Fame, and was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada. In 2008 Acadia awarded him with an honorary degree.

"The Application of Electronic Computing Methods and Techniques to the Storage, Compilation and Assessment of Mapped Data" shows how the pioneers of GIS were thinking over 40 years ago.

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