Peir and Christa Pufahl depart from Acadia

Dr. Peir Pufahl is leaving Acadia after 14 years of teaching in the sedimentology-paleontology-oceanography areas of Geology. Peir came to Acadia from a post-doc position at Queen's University, and he is returning to Queen's to take up a senior position in chemical sedimentology and as director of the Queen's Facility for Isotope Research (QFIR) lab. Peir's work has included research on Windsor Group carbonate rocks, ejecta deposits in Ontario and Wisconsin, iron formations in Labrador and Australia, and phosphate deposits in Brazil. We will miss the diversity of research opportunities he has brought to Acadia.

Christa Pufahl also departs with Peir! Christa has been very active in our department also, teaching in geomorphology, paleontology and oceanography, and will also be missed by students in all our programs.

A departing soiree was held in honour of the Pufahls at the University Club. In the middle of summer, many people are away on business or holiday, but a sizeable group managed to gather to fête them on their departure.

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