Lauren Muzak-Ruff at Fisheries and Limnology conference in Halifax

Lauren Muzak-Ruff (Acadia University E&ES M.Sc. candidate) with her poster at the 2020 joint meeting of the Canadian Conference For Fisheries Research and the Society of Canadian Limnologists. January 3-5 in Halifax, NS. Lauren’s research focusses on understanding the factors that affect metal deposition and productivity in upland hydroelectric reservoirs.  Her field work took place on Gaspereau Lake and Black River Lake. She is also interested in the role of anadromous fish in the transfer of both contaminants and nutrients into freshwater systems. Lauren presented her research in the session on Temporal Dynamics in Aquatic Ecosystems. Her co-authors were Ian Spooner, Mark Mallory, Nic McLellan, Dewey Dunnington and Julia Crews.

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