MSc in Environmental Science launched

Final approval of the MSc program in Environmental Science has been received and we are ready to accept admissions! This new program provides the opportunity for students to proceed to graduate-level study in Environmental Science, as well as the traditional fields of Geology, Biology and Chemistry.

The program starts with course work that provides an opportunity for students to increase the breadth and depth of their knowledge in relevant fields and gives them opportunities to improve communication, writing, and critical thinking skills. Course work is preparatory to a research program where the design of the thesis sharpens analytical and problem-solving skills.

As the thesis nears completion, students will deliver results in professional conferences, refining their presentation skills. The graduating student will be well prepared to proceed either to research-based opportunities in the field, or to further PhD-level studies. They will be well prepared to articulate their findings in both oral and written fashion, with a research outcome that is suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

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