Reginald Moore Memorial Award in Geoscience

A new award, the Reginald Moore Memorial Award in Geoscience has been established in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia. Made possible by Dr. Peter von Bitter, Senior Curator Emeritus of Natural History at the Royal Ontario Museum, Dr. Reg Moore was pivotal to his development at Acadia. Peter writes that "what I learned from him, both as a teacher and as a human being, has been valued by me and has stood me in very good stead throughout my life and career as a geologist and paleontologist. I might also add that the Acadia Geology Department did a fine job of preparing my generation of students, and most importantly gave us the confidence to go out and understand and deal with our geological world."

Members of the department are very grateful to the generosity of Dr. von Bitter for establishing this award, which will allow us to recognize and help students who emulate some of Dr. Moore’s core academic values, namely engagement in geoscience and the demonstration of the promise of continuing development. Dr. Moore was as interested in where students were going as where they were at, so the award will recognize promise, aptitude and emerging talent. 

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