Dramatic structures in northern Quebec

Work done by Deanne van Rooyen (Cape Breton University, adjunct professor at Acadia) has provided dramatic images of folded flood basalt flows in the northern New Quebec Orogen.

In this 60 km-wide scene, gently folded 2.17 Ga flood basalt flows are enhanced by snow and shadows. In addition to folded flows, the unit is cut by several faults, some even showing drag folding in this Landsat 8 image acquired in February 2020.

From a helicopter height, the basalt flows appear as 60 m-high curved escarpments in a synformal fold. Looks like a great location to see outcrops, although traversing 60 m cliffs might be a bit challenging!

Deanne's work was picked up by the Earth Observatory Image of the Day for 27 February and their Step Up Closer page with more detailed information.


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