Poster presentations in ENVS 3513 (Climate Change for Environmental Practitioners)

Monday, 5th April,  7.00 p.m.
Helen Allen   The final tide for climate refugees of the South Pacific
Holly Bouma   Glutenous for rain: climate change impacts and adaptations in the important agro-economical wheat belt of Australia
Stacy Comeau   Atlantic Ocean
Lindsay Folker   Climate Change and Deforestation: A Deadly Mix for Primates in the Amazon
Laura Graham   Indian Ocean
Jad Issa  

Arctic Sea Ice is Disappearing: Could 'The Arctic Ice' project be a solution?

Fulton Logan   Arctic Ocean
Gracyn McLaughlin   Recurring flooding events in the Grater Horn of Africa
Whitney Minick  

Asia's Thermostat Stuck on High: Impact of heat waves on outdoor workers

Michaela Okumura   Palm Oil Production and Its Impact on Colombia and the Climate
Ally Pett  

Beware: Lyme Disease Spreading in the Maritimes

Margaret Sams   The Bajau Laut: Sea Nomads of Southeast Asia (Impacts of decreasing fish populations in the Indo-Pacific)
Mattie Smith   Climate Change Ramping up Intensity of Cyclones in Southeastern Africa
Monday, 5th April, 7.45 p.m.
Sam Amell   Climate Change and its impacts on The Alps
Zoe Brown  

Climate Change and Hurricanes in the Bahamas

Julie Cook   Arctic Cruise Ships, a Blessing, or a Curse?
Emma-Jean Freeman   A Sinking Reality – How climate change is affecting the small island nation of Tuvalu
Danielle Hayden   Arctic Ocean
Valerie Jeanneret   Islands Under Threat: Increased Flooding in Japan
Seth MacLean   The End of a Constant in the Atlantic Ocean? How Climate Change is Affecting The Atlantic Conveyor Belt
Janique Melong   Pacific Ocean
Greg Mitchell   The effects of climate change on rice production in southern China
Alex Pardy  

The Overheating of Canadian & American Moose.

Jillian Rideout  

Snow and Summer in Gros Morne National Park, Impacts of Changing Weather Patterns on Herb Willow

Kyra Scott   Respiratory disease in Europeans
Victoria Stevens-Gajilan  

Mangroves, Mangoing, Mangone? A Focus on Cameroon’s Mangrove Forests

Monday, 5th April, 8.30 p.m.
Jenny Bellefontaine   Europe
Colin Bruce   Ocean Acidity: Everyone's Fishue,  The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Bleaching in the Pacific Ocean
Alex Dupuis   Europe
Rachel Grabka   Kelp-ya-later! The Impacts of Ocean Warming on Kelp Forests off the South-Eastern Coast of Australia
Shani Inglis   Kissing the Cod (Goodbye?) in the Faroe Islands: impact of changing ocean temperatures on the cod fishery
Brian Laureijs   Climate change and Wildfire in California, USA
Taylor McKnight   A Continent of Flames
Madison Miller   Atlantic Ocean
Grace Munro  

Innovative Ranching in the Amazon Reduces Deforestation Effects on Climate

Tyler Peskett   The Impact of Climate Change on the Endangered African Mountain Gorillas
Emma Robertson  

Not Going Swimmingly: Yellowfin Tuna in the Indian Ocean

Karmen Simonson   Water Security in Peru: A Climate Change Crisis.
Jillian Wagner   Australian Sorghum Crops are Feeling the Heat

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