Is Huggins ready for classes?

Here are some shots around Huggins on the day before classes (early morning shots - a lot will change today!)

View from the southwest:

Offices have been rebuilt, new insulation (no gaps between floors in the overhangs now will surely mean warm feet this winter!) The toilet block on the second floor is still unchanged to provide a before-and-after view.

View from the east:

Sunrise brightens the attractive chipboard paneling erected just last week, presumably to prevent students from falling off the corridors. Still quite a bit of work to be done here - the windows are all neatly stacked in the main foyer, waiting to go in.

Inside - one of the offices:

Dr. McMullin's office appears to be finished - window in, carpet down, carpentry complete. No furniture, though. I wonder if he will move the red squares around for a change of scenery?

Main office:

The view from Mrs. Graves' office through to Dr. Spooner's office. This one will take a bit of time to get finished! In the meantime, Mrs. Graves can be located in HSH 304 and Dr. Spooner in 316.

Student lounge:

So where did all the stuff go? Into the student lounge! Maybe we will have to use an hour of the first lab to restock the classrooms and offices!

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