Helicopter work in the Cape Breton Highlands

Acadia MSc student Caleb Grant was able to collect rock samples from the most remote parts of his thesis area in the Cape Breton Highlands by helicopter on July 4th. The trip was arranged by adjunct professor Dr. Chris White using a Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines helicopter. Caleb's thesis supervisors Sandra Barr and Donnelly Archibald were also on the flight, as well as honours student Miguel Vaccaro. Other than rarely seen rock outcrops at elevations close to 500 m, the group was amazed to see large areas still covered by snow, a testament to the heavy winter snowfall and cold weather during May and June. A few moose were also spotted, and spectacular waterfalls.

The photograph of Caleb, Sandra, and the helicopter was taken by Donnelly Archibald at the top of Big Southwest Brook (46°48'04.2"N 60°32'29.2"W).

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