Graduation 2021

25 students graduated from Earth and Environmental Science programs in May 2021. Once again, we weren't able to hold the formal graduation celebration because of the pandemic restrictions, but the Department hosted a recognition of all our graduates via Teams. Eighteen of our graduates and most of the faculty were able to join in the celebration, which was hosted by Rob Raeside, Nelson O'Driscoll, Cliff Stanley, Sandra Barr and Ian Spooner.

Congratulations to all the grads:

  • Matthieu Bilodeau, MSc (Applied Geomatics)
  • Caleb Grant, MSc (Geology)
  • Lauren Muzak Ruff, MSc (Environmental Science)
  • Brian Laureijs, MSc (Applied Geomatics)
  • Daniel Mutton, MSc (Applied Geomatics)
  • Peter Opra, MSc (Applied Geomatics)
  • Jessica Armstrong, BSc (Environmental Science) converted to honours
  • Holly Bouma, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Stacy Comeau, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Kelsey Crouse, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Ryley Crowe, BSc (Environmental Geoscience)
  • Sabrina Floccari, BSc Honours (Biology and Environmental Science)
  • Daniel Gawalewicz, BSc (Chemistry and Environmental Science)
  • Benjamin Henger, BSc (Biology and Environmental Science)
  • Nicole Kirkpatrick, BSc (Environmental Science) and recipient of University Medal in Environmental Science
  • Olamide Lawal, BSc (Geology)
  • Tiernan MacDonald, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Zacharie Martin, BSc (Geology)
  • Abbi McFee, BSc (Geology)
  • Gracyn McLaughlin, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Rian Mizzi, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Owen Paget, BSc (Geology)
  • Brodnique Pinder, BSc (Geology)
  • Hannah White, BSc (Geology) and recipient of the Mining of Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Medal
  • Kiana Zasso, BSc (Environmental Science)

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