Graduation 2022

In total 28 students graduated from the programs in Earth and Environmental Science in May 2022. For the first time in three years we were able to hold a full graduation ceremony, much appreciated by all who could attend - and the weather could not have been better. Congratulations to all our grads:

  • Patrick Champagne (MSc Applied Geomatics)
  • Rachel Clarke (MSc Environmental Science)
  • Alicia Escribano (MSc Geology and recipient of the Governor General's Gold Medal)
  • Nina Harvey (MSc Applied Geomatics)
  • Taylor McNeil (MSc Applied Geomatics)
  • Shae Nickerson (MSc Geology)
  • Hannah Pye (MSc Applied Geomatics)
  • Jennifer Redstone (MSc Applied Geomatics)
  • Évelyne Sunatori (MSc Geology)
  • Brianna Bowes (BScH Environmental Science)
  • Nathan Carter (BScH Geology)
  • Mitch Maracle (BScH Geology and Mining Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Award)
  • Amanda Smith (BScH Geology)
  • Jenny Bellefontaine (BSc double major Biology and Environmental Science)
  • Joseph Bishop (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Emily Cameron (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Mitch Coley (BSc Environmental Geoscience)
  • Josie Crowe (BSc Environmental Geoscience)
  • Amber Dort (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Denton Graham (BSc Geology)
  • Shani Inglis (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Alex Lawrie (BSc Geology)
  • Bradley Murray (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Grace Nissen (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Matthew Oelschlagel (BSc Geology)
  • Julia Oliver (BSc Environmental Science)
  • Margaret Sams (BSc Environmental Science)
  • David Tremblay (BSc Environmental Science)

Ian Spooner, Rob Raeside, Nelson O'Driscoll caught outside after the graduation convocation ceremony

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