E&ES Graduation 2020

31 students graduated from Earth and Environmental Science programs in May 2020. We weren't able to hold the formal graduation celebration this year because of the pandemic restrictions, but the Department hosted a recognition of all our graduates via Teams on the day before they were due to graduate. Sixteen of our graduates and most of the faculty were able to join in the celebration, which was hosted by Rob Raeside, Nelson O'Driscoll, Cliff Stanley and David McMullin.

Nelson O'Driscoll, David McMullin, Cliff Stanley, Rob Raeside - presenters at the Teams celebratory call. If you want to see the recording of the event, contact Rob Raeside

Congratulations to all the grads:

  • Sarah Dunn, MSc (Geology), also recipient of the Acadia Outstanding Masters Research Award in Science
  • Brittany Wilson, MSc (Applied Geomatics)
  • Laura Bonga, BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  • Julia Crews, BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  • Haley Geizer, BSc (Honours) Environmental Science, co-recipient of the Linda Lusby Award in Environmental Science
  • Riley Scanlan, BSc (Honours) Environmental Science, recipient of the University Medal in Environmental Science and co-recipient of the Linda Lusby Award in Environmental Science
  • Samantha Stegen, BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  • Michael Tamosauskas, BSc (Honours)  Geology
  • Miguel Vaccaro, BSc (Honours) Geology and recipient of the University Medal in Geology and Mining Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Medal
  • Jessica Armstrong, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Hannah Arsenault-Gallant, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Charly Bonga, BSc (double major in Geology and Environmental and Sustainability Studies)
  • Cole Burmeister, BSc (Environmental Geoscience)
  • Christina Crognale, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Skye Forcier, BSc (double major in Biology and Environmental Science)
  • Christopher Fox, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Aimee Hartwig, BSc (Geology)
  • Mackenzie Jarvin, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Vanessa Jauer, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Kevin Matheson, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Reagan MacDonald, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Jeremy Milson, BSc (Geology)
  • Addison Miner, BSc (Environmental Science)
  • Laura Moreau, BSc (Environmental Geoscience)
  • Sean O'Grady, BSc (Environmental Geoscience)
  • Maria Penman, BSc (double major in Biology and Environmental Science)
  • Jonathan Publicover, BSc (Environmental Geoscience)
  • Geoffrey Sharp, BSc (Environmental Geoscience) and recipient of the Harcourt Cameron Award in Geology
  • Jeffrey Sweet, BSc (Geology)
  • Muyiwa Tomori, BSc (Geology)
  • Justin Tupper, BSc (Geology)

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