Graduation 2019

34 Graduates in Earth and Environmental Science at May Graduation 

In spite of the cool and breezy weather, spirits were high as graduating students and proud family members attended the graduation ceremonies at Acadia University. In all, 32 BSc degrees and 2 MSc degrees were recognised from Earth & Environmental Science at the May convocation at Acadia, comprising 2 MSc (Geology), 8 BSc Honours (Environmental Science), 2 BSc Honours (Geology), 11 BSc (Geology), 8 BSc (Environmental Science) and 3 BSc (Environmental Geoscience). In addition, two graduates from last year had their degrees converted to honours, following their completion of a thesis over the past year.

Four Environmental Science honours alumnae, Megan MacIsaac, Rachel Clarke, Baillie Holmes, Hannah Machat at the reception after graduation. All four were also Irving scholars. Photo by Dave Kristie.

Particular honour went to Philicity Byers, winner of the University Medal in Environmental Science, and Garrett Velkjar, winner of the University Medal in Geology and recipient of the Mining Society of Nova Scotia Centennial Medal.

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