Abraham Gesner statue unveiled

The statue of Abraham Gesner was officially unveiled on Saturday, 4 May 2019.
(Thanks to Martha Hickman-Hild for all photographs.)

New roadside sign with Gesner homestead in the background.

Kings County town crier reading Gesner proclamation.

The artist, Ruth Abernathy, describing her creative process.

Dr. Dan Paul recounting Gesner's humanitarian contributions.

Martha Grantham of AGS speaking about Gesner's scientific contributions.

Martha Grantham with the Gesner homestead in the background.

Project benefactor Allen Eaves talks about the potential for a Gesner museum in the old homestead.

Geologists gather around the new statue, joined by a local actor who portrayed Gesner during the ceremony (from left: Terry Hennigar, Sandra Barr, Elisabeth Kosters, Alan Slipp, Abraham Gesner, Martha Grantham, Grant Wach, Bob Grantham).


Key players in the ceremony: the town crier, the artist, the actor and Abraham Gesner.

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