Geology field school 2022

The Geology field school ran from 26 April to 6 May. After a week of (mostly) wet and windy weather in Wolfville, the Geology field school concluded with a week of (mostly) sunshine at Camp Geddie. Nine students participated, learning the ropes of geological mapping in a wide variety of terrains. Some pictures from the class:

Examining the detail of bedding at Victoria Park, Truro

Some perspective on the Truro outcrop

The mandatory class photo at Arisaig
Patrick-Yuzhe-Zoe-Dr. R-Payton-Tyler-Jesse-Monet-Lucas-Jake

What we were looking at in the previous photo

This being Dr. R's final field school at Camp Geddie, Lorraine and Vickie made a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing for the final night's dessert, decorated with hammers and rocks (alias mango, chocolate chips and licorice) to celebrate his impending retirement.

Departure from Camp Geddie - clean-up done!


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