Field school relocates to Merigomish

The Geology field school has now relocated to Camp Geddie, near Merigomish, Nova Scotia. After an informative drive across the province, stopping to look at Carboniferous sedimentary rocks and deformation, the exercises resumed on the Precambrian volcaniclastic and plutonic rocks at Georgeville (lots of amazonite and whales to watch at lunchtime) and Ordovician ignimbrite and basalt at Arisaig. Cold weather ensured slow and steady map work (we hope!) but a hike along the beach and up the Frenchman's Barn warmed everyone up (even if it doesn't show in the class photo):

Work now resumes at Camp Geddie:

As the week ends, the weather improved considerably. On the barrens at Whitehead, the wind was even warm:

Last day - Knoydart limestone. Blue skies and bare arms - a rare occurrence in early May!

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