Chris White, P.Geo., receives the 2019 Excellence in Geoscience Award

The 2019 Excellence in Geoscience Award of Geoscientists Nova Scotia goes to Chris White, Ph.D, P.Geo. of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chris is also an adjunct professor at Acadia University. The award was established to honour an eminent and exemplary member of Geoscientists Nova Scotia (the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia) who is also a valuable contributing member of the Nova Scotia, Canadian and/or global geoscience community.

Chris received his BSc (Honours) degree from Acadia in 1984, and his PhD from Dalhousie in 1996. He has built his career with the Nova Scotia government, now as the Senior Provincial Geologist with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines, Geological Surveys Branch. The news release from Geoscientists Nova Scotia documents his over 500 publications and provides accolades on his work and service.

Chris White in his first field job as summer assistant to graduate student Dean Rogers in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.

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