Climate Change course poster presentations

Nearly 40 students, 10 faculty and several community members participated in the poster session for the Environmental Science Climate Change for Environmental Professionals course, held in the Huestis Pavilion. The ENVS 3513 course is a new offering this year and was fully subscribed with upper-year students from all faculties at Acadia. Students were assigned an area of the globe and charged with researching an issue arising from the current climate disruption. Their selections were broad-ranging, with many areas investigated that most of us had not even imagined. Here is a selection of the topics:

How the Japanese cherry blossom festival is impacted by climate change - Jessie Armstrong
A warming climate: how water insecurity upsets overall security in Central Asia - Hannah Arsenault-Gallant
When Life Doesn’t Give You Lemmings - Grace Bowen MacLean
Impact of melting ice on hunting and fishing lifestyle of Greenland Inuit - Brianna Bowes
Cyanobacteria in Lake Simcoe - Brooklyn Burns
Great Barrier Reef bleaching – Nathan Carter
The Great Pacific garbage patch: its contribution to ocean temperature - Danica Ducharme
End result of sea level rise: Complete migration of the Fijian Population? - Brittany Duff
Invasive, non-native species & the threat on biodiversity and ecosystems in the Antarctic Peninsula Region - Emily Elliott
Increased spread of ticks in North America – Sabrina Floccari
The Bear Necessities: Climate change driving hybridization and competition among polar bears and brown bears - Skye Forcier
A thirst is the worst (Drought in California) – Aimee Hartwig
Will mangrove forests survive a drowning coastline? - Benjamin Henger
Extreme heat in India - Benjamin Hewins
How the Indian Ocean Dipole influences disease dynamics - Mackenzie Jarvin
The impacts of rising sea surface temperature on the fisheries of the Bay of Bengal - Vanessa Jauer
Parasitic vectors expand their niche in temporal areas of Europe as terrestrial temperatures increase - Noah Johnson
Impact of changing sea ice patterns on Emperor Penguin Populations - Nicole Kirkpatrick
Deadly Sargassum blooms washing up in Central America – Cole MacLeod
Effects of climate change on malaria in Africa – Reagan MacDonald
Climate disruption and plastics in Europe - what's the big deal - Emily McCarthy
Implication of climate change on South Africa's tourism - Laura Moreau
Changing rainfall and temperatures in African agriculture – Owen Paget
The Arctic is open for trading: Trading along the Northwest Passage - Brodnique Pinder
Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback – Daniel Robinson
Climate Change and Belugas: how will these ‘canaries of the sea’ respond? - Riley Scanlan
Warming in Brazil and the effect on Coffee arabica production – Geoffrey Sharp
Loss of Dourado habitat in the La Plata River basin, South America - Bailey Silver
More thunderstorms over Brazil – what can we do about it – Sam Stegen
Increased precipitation causing a water capacity constraint on the St. Lawrence River - Brent Steinburg
The cost of climate change on Australian agriculture – Paige Stewardson
Underwater Deforestation of Tasmanian Kelp Forests - Kiana Zasso

Students reviewing and discussing their posters [photo: Nathan Carter]

A huddle of professors discussing the event [photo: Nathan Carter]

Three examples of student posters [photo: Nathan Carter]

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