Acadia Geology field course in Bermuda

Ten Acadia students participated in a field course in Bermuda from 28 April to 7 May, led by Earth and Environmental Science professor Peir Pufahl. The course was based at the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Science, and involved examination and sampling of sediment in the waters surrounding the island.

Brendan Vibert and Reid Cameron exploring the ecology and sedimentology of the fringing reef that encircles the Bermudan atoll (photo by Callum Pufahl).

In addition to the examination of the reef sediment, participants were able to snorkel on the coral reef, encounter sea turtles, and tour the RV Atlantic Explorer. To complete the course, students presented the findings of their studies on the final night by comparing the carbonate system of Bermuda with the reefs of the Indo-Pacific oceans.

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (image by Reid Cameron)

Exploring the reef (image by Reid Cameron)

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