Report from the field - Alex Squires in NWT

Alex Squires completed her MSc work in the winter and graduated in May. She was unable to attend, however, as she is now working in NWT, conducting a structural geological assessment as a consultant for Vancouver based GeoMinEx on the Nighthawk Gold Corp exploration drill camp, expanding the knowledge of the known Colomac gold deposit in the Indin Lake Gold property. Since March, she has been working as a geotech/structural geologist the core shack and will be moving into the field for mapping at the beginning of June.

With 200+ orientation measurements per drill hole, thankfully the camp is testing a new piece of equipment that is able to shoot structural measurements in core and plot them on a stereonet!

Alex using the reflex tool that is programmed to use IQ-Logger

An example of one of a stereonet plot from one of the holes - looks like quite a cluster or horizontal fabrics there!

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