Radiometrics field trip in Geophysics class

The GEOL 3823 Geophysics class recently visited a gravel quarry owned by Dexter Construction.  The quarry exploits a large raft of Goldenville Group greywacke, resting within the South Mountain Batholith, that has been metamorphosed to amphibolite facies, and has been cut by rare stringer veins with kaolinite and hematite alteration parallel to those at the Millet Brook U deposit about 1 km to the north. Provincial regulations require quarry operators to monitor the concentrations of hazardous elements in their aggregate materials as they exploit the quarry. Each year, the class visits this quarry to measure the U concentrations of the working face using a gamma-ray spectrometer to ensure that the rocks produced are below federal standards (23 ppm for residential/parkland soils).

 Garrett testing the rock face.

 Jenn taking the readings

 Cliff Stanley explaining procedures.

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