Year-end banquet 2019

On 29 March, the Environmental Science Student Association (ESSA) and the Fletcher Geology Club combined forces to organize the annual end of year banquet in the Clark Commons. About 45 students and professors enjoyed the three-course dinner and a visit from two distinguished alumni. 

Speakers at the event were Maylia Kempt Parker (left ) and Dewey Dunnington (right), here chatting with Nelson O'Driscoll and Ian Spooner. Maylia has worked in the environmental consulting business in New Hampshire, Prague, and Halifax, and is now is Director of Air Quality & Resource Management, Nova Scotia Environment. Dewey is working toward a PhD at Dalhousie University.

Also at the event, various prizes were announced or given out:

(from left:) Winners of the Harcourt Cameron Award were Alex Whitney and Ashton Baich. Winners of the Linda Lusby Award were Megan MacIsaac and Philicity Byers.


(from left) Lea Kirch is the 2019 SIFT participant, Miguel Vaccaro is the 2019 S-IMEW participant, and Ashton Baich is the 2019 Logan Prize winner.

In one instant, all participating members of the ESSA and Fletcher Club executives coalesced!:

From left: Travis Le, Sarah Stewart, Megan MacIsaac, Victoria Taylor, Philicity Byers, Geoffrey Sharp, Alex Whitney, Ashton Baich, Tristan Townsend, Abbi McFee, Sarah Mitchell, Laura Moreau.

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